March 9, 2021

Have No Fear

Living fearlessly is a little slice of heaven.

The Indian spiritual teacher Swami Vivekananda said,  

”The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. 

Never fear what will become of you, 

depend on no one. 

Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.”

Consumerism needs us to survive. It spends upwards of 1 trillion dollars every year to influence our minds. 

Much of that is to make us fearful. 

The rest is to make us feel inadequate.

Healthy fear is productive. It keeps us alive.

Manufactured fear is corrosive. 

Being afraid of getting in a car accident is helpful. The caution it provides may keep you and others alive.

Being afraid that our clothes are not the latest fashion, or that our house isn't big enough, or car new enough, is corrosive. It make us do things we normally would not.

The only thing the system fears is fearless non-conformist, post-consumers living contented simple lives.

We do not depend on consumer culture to validate us, and refuse to connect our worthiness to how much of their stuff we buy, or how hard we work for them.

We do not need consumer culture's help, and therefore do not need to fear letting it all go. 

Someone benefits from all the manufactured fear, and it is not the regular person. That is why fear has been a popular tool of state power since the beginning of state power - to keep the regular person in an exploitable state of bondage.

Consumerism offers only chains, while the Universe offers freedom. 

That is why we never have to worry or be afraid when we boldly go where our hearts lead us. The gods may laugh at our plans, but the Universe smiles.

The moment you reject the fear that emanates endlessly from the cult of consumerism, you are freed. 

It is a little slice of heaven.


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