January 13, 2021

Personal Protective Equipment

I have never considered myself an insurrectionist, although I have been rebelling against power my whole life. 

However, I am not out to storm anything, except maybe the pantry or fridge when I get hangry.

The picture is me in my PPE... 

... for a cold weather bike ride to the mailbox, and a visit to the ocean.

Up in the hills, at elevation where I live, there is a good cover of snow on the ground. I had to ride through snow before I got to the pavement, which was dry.

Down below, at sea level, there was very little snow to be seen. 

But I still needed my personal protective equipment to guard me from the elements (it was hovering around the freezing mark). 

And cars.

And authority figures.

It was a beautiful ride. 100% free and unobstructed.

Oh, I had mail. 

A letter from the federal government reminded me that I will be eligible to join the Canadian Pension Plan NEXT YEAR! 

What? Who am I? When am I?

That's for old people. 

Like me. I guess. Huh?

Did I mention I had a beautiful ride? 

Cycling out in nature is PPE against aging.


  1. So is a long walk along our levy. Free and beautiful.

  2. Anonymous1/14/2021

    Great pictures! I wear a face mask (homemade) when I walk or play pickleball and now I am so used wearing one, it feels weird when I don't! And this time of year it does help to keep my face warmer, for sure. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. And congrats on being so close to getting the pension money! -- Mary


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