January 6, 2021

Bean Day

Today is Bean Day, which I am happy to celebrate and share since I am a big bean booster. Humans have been bean eaters for many thousands of years for good reasons. 

One thing I have to get over is that when I hear Bean Day, I think of "been" instead. 

Been Day. 

What would that even be? 

Perhaps a day to meditate on your journey that has delivered you to this very moment in time. A day to think about who you have been, and what that means for who you are now. 

"Are we simply a composite of all our experiences?" is definitely Been Day material. 

I think that a little self-reflection would not be a bad thing for humanity. Things are already getting more contemplative as we find ourselves with more time with our thoughts. Why not make it official?

I wonder how Hallmark would exploit a special day recognizing our past, our present, and where we want to go in the moments unfolding before us? 

"It doesn't matter what you have been. What is important is what you are today... and you are GREAT!"

Getting back to Bean Day, what you will be today if you eat beans, is healthier. Enjoying legumes more often is a great way to save money and add delicious, healthy dishes to your menu. 

I am certain that humanity has been celebrating enjoying beans for as long as we have been eating them, some cultures more than others. We love making Indian and Mexican dishes that are bean based. Look for amazing bean recipes in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Beans are versatile, inexpensive, delicious and full of fibre, protein and other good-for-you things.

If you have been better, beans might help get you back on track.


  1. We love beans at my house and have them at least once, usually twice, a day- hummus, chili, burritos,baked beans, rice and beans, salad topped with beans, to name a few. And I can't resist:"Beans, beans, the magical fruit...."

    1. Yes, that has been going through my head today as well. It's automatic.

  2. I love beans and legumes. We live legume country and can pick up 25# bags of yellow,or green split peas, garbanzo beans and lentils free at harvest. Believe me I go get them.

    1. What? Free beans? I would be all over that.

      Where, exactly, is legume country?

      I know that Canada is the largest producer in the world of lentils. That amazes me, because Canadians are not known as big lentil eaters. Don't know why that is, because lentils are a super food... and locally produced. Soon they will be bigger than beef!

  3. Anonymous1/07/2021

    I was one day off. I just made homemade baked beans for the first time yesterday. Turned out pretty well.

    1. Fantastic, and congratulations. Being a bean beginner is best!


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