January 14, 2021

Escaping The Matrix: How We The People Can Change The World

Want to get an up to date, accurate assessment of humanity's current state of affairs so you can help change the world? Don't go to social media for answers, that's blue pill stuff. 

The place we need to go is BOOKS, because so many are red pill material.

Power brokers know we don't read books much anymore, and therefore have not been aggressively censoring them. 

Our attention span has been reduced to the size of a pea, consuming information in smaller and smaller bites, bits, and microbits. It is imposible to get a big picture look at things.

They think that if we are confronted by anything longer than a meme or tweet, we will lose concentration and wander off. 

But we can still read books, can't we? 

I am going to give it a go because you never know when they will stage real and/or digital conflagrations to eliminate inconvenient ideas.

I am leaving a link to a book that I have been looking at recently, because I am all about taking that red pill and escaping the matrix.

2021. The Year Humanity Escaped The Matrix, after 6000 long years.

Here's the link to a free online copy of Escaping The Matrix: How We The People Can Change The World by Richard Moore.


"We need a culture based on mutual understanding and cooperation rather than on war and conquest, a culture based on common sense rather than dysfunctional doctrine, on respect for life rather than the pursuit of profit, and on democracy in place of elite rule. 
After six thousand years of domestication, we sheep must finally cast aside our illusions, recognize our condition, and reclaim our identity as free human beings. 
In reclaiming our identities we will also be redefining our cultures."


- Richard Moore




  1. Thank You for the link!

  2. Anonymous1/19/2021


    I have been thinking about this a lot recently and checking out some of Chomsky's stuff on manufacturing consent. I don't now so much as consume the news, as study it now which is interesting, while mostly avoiding it if possible.

    Thinking about books I have recently finished The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff which is a interesting if worrying read.

    Books are where it's at in terms of detail. Having a attention span is a real asset along with being able to filter junk information.


    Love this classic Chomsky interview with Andrew Marr:



    1. Hey Alex. Good to hear from you. We have been watching Prof. Richard Wolff lately. He recently had Noam on as a guest. It was good. Will be watching the link you shared. Thank you. Also, have heard about "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. Will have to look that up as well.

    2. Anonymous1/21/2021

      Looks like you have got a good simple living setup going on and some nature on your doorstep.Hope you and Linda are well.


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