January 22, 2021

My Way

My Way

If their way is go,

my way is stop.

If theirs is stuff,

mine is spirit.

If theirs is greed,

mine is generosity.

If theirs is complexity,

mine is simplicity.

If theirs is war,

mine is peace.

If theirs is destructive,

mine is creative.

If theirs is me,

mine is we.

If theirs is deceit,

mine is honesty.

If theirs is car, 

mine is bike.


  1. Anonymous1/23/2021

    Great post! Here are a couple I'm working on:

    If theirs is being mean
    Mine is being kind

    If theirs is being fretful
    Mine is being calm

    Thanks for all you do,

    - Mary

    1. I do like your additions. Thank you.

  2. I'm all for simple living and peaceful co-existence. Have found your posts to be encouraging and helpful, however, this one.... sanctimonious. I guess you can't hit them out of the park every day.

    1. I do see how you could arrive at that conclusion, and I posted this with that thought in mind. I am glad you can see past my occasional missteps, with this possibly being one of them.

      What I was thinking started with a Buddha quote I am familiar with:

      “Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterable law.”

      If we have a problem, more of the same won't solve it. We have to apply the opposite. That was the nugget of thinking that got me started.

      I must admit I was also lead by the bizarre spectacle of the previous US president flying off into the wide blue yonder with Sinatra's "My Way" as the soundtrack.

      If appearing holier than thou is my problem, then I need to apply some humility. I will work on that. Humanity could use more humility.

    2. Thanks for considering my opinion. Please don't become humble. I'm afraid that I might criticize you for that too! You are doing good work and that speaks for itself. Best regards.


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