March 6, 2020

The Deadliest Flu Of All

Viruses are strange and wondrous things. We still do not know whether they constitute what we know as life because they lack key characteristics, such as cell structure. 

They have often been described as 'organisms at the edge of life.' That hasn't made them any less deadly, because they are equally 'organisms at the edge of death'.

What is known about viruses is that they cause serious illnesses and can destroy lives if not dealt with properly. That is true of all viruses, including the most deadly flu of all.

So what is the deadliest flu ever? 

The H1N1 influenza virus? 




How about that nasty Ebola virus?

Not even.

The more recent COVID 19? 

No again.

The deadly flu virus I am talking about, the deadliest of all, is Affluenza. This nasty affliction does great harm to humans and other living things.

affluenza ăf″loo͞-ĕn′zə

  • noun  Is a contagious socially transmitted condition, causing unchecked materialism and conspicuous consumption. Seen as a societal and environmental menace, causing large scale debt, depletion and disorientation. 

  • noun A feeling of dissatisfactionanxiety, and depression, caused by the pursuit of more. Often accompanied by denial and cognitive dissonance.

Thankfully, there is vaccine for this deadly affliction, and that good medicine, though rarely taken as prescribed by sages across millennia, is called voluntary simplicity.

  • Voluntary simplicity provides lasting relief from unhealthy obsessions with money and material things (affluenza). 
  • It provides for a more meaningful and less stressful life. Chronic stress is a killer.
  • By reducing unnecessary consumption, voluntary simplicity produces social, ethical, and environmental benefits.
  • Simplicity is not about deprivation, but liberation.

Avoid the deadliest flu of all, Affluenza, by taking a dose of simplicity as soon as possible.

Repeat as necessary.


  1. Anonymous3/07/2020

    I think it is important to mention other virulent strains such as fastfoodus spreadus which has become epidemic in the US and has spread to other countries around the world and now meets the criteria for a pandemic.
    It typically effects the manor cities first then spreads out to smaller cities and towns.
    Side effects include destruction of the planets respiratory system and the spread of nodules on the earth called cowus which produce cowpus milkshakus through retro RNA activity. A common side effect is the rivers start to become inhabitable for life.
    The virus is known to mimic local culture in a attempt to hide in the immune system.
    Treatment: Lentils and uncontaminated drinking water.
    Prophylactic: Plant tree saplings.


    1. Yes. All part of the larger diagnosis of Industrial Disease. Metabolic syndrome alone is responsible for millions of deaths every year. And yet, no emergency there.

      I like your treatment - lentils and clean water.

      I think I could live on dal, rice and chapati. Lentils are definitely an under appreciated superfood. Canada is one of the largest producers of lentils in the world. I don't know why Canadians don't eat more. Most of the lentils grown here are exported to smarter eaters elsewhere.

    2. Anonymous3/08/2020

      It's just crazy really. Dal, rice and chapati sounds good. The UK is also a great climate for legumes.

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