March 16, 2020

Not Cancelled

Blossoming flowers, like these snowdrops down the road, have NOT been cancelled.

Please be aware that the following have NOT been cancelled.

- the stars in the night sky (major show every cloud-free night)

- spring (I saw a coyote close to home yesterday - they are more visible this time of year as they look for potential mates, so coyote dating has obviously also not been cancelled.)

- Skyping with loved ones (we had a nice visit with Linda's mom today. Talk about social distancing - we were 5000 km apart. Totally safe.)

- cleaning the house (sorry)

- laughing (not the nervous kind, which has been cancelled)

- sleeping and napping (indulge yourself - sleep is a immune system booster)

- cooking yourself some yummy food (I recommend double chocolate chip cookies with toffee bits as a mood enhancer - hey, these are tough times)

- curling up with a good book (is that not a luxury these days?)

- singing (stage your own damn concerts... for yourself or a small group of people you know, or video it and post it to the internet)

- playing an instrument (nothing like live music, see above)

- blossoming flowers (I saw snowdrops down the road on a recent bike ride)

- this year's maple syrup (I see my neighbour's farm gate syrup stand is up and running - just drop your money in the jar and go)

- bird migrations (we saw our first wave of Robins today, also bald eagle, and red tailed hawk)

- having fun at home, in the yard, or alone in the wilderness (get creative, artistic, meditative)

Instead of what has been cancelled, take a look at all that is left, still running and moving forward as if nothing is happening. 

A person would do well to get lost in that for a while, now that self-isolation has given so many the gift of time (another thing that has not been cancelled).

Enjoy everything that has not been cancelled. There is lots to choose from.


  1. We have blue tits and blackbirds mating and gathering nesting materials in the garden- I’m weirdly looking forward to this enforced slow down- though I am sad that I have had to cancel face to face meet-ups with friends and their new(ish) babies

    1. An enforced slow down is what the world needs. Time to watch the birds.

  2. Anonymous3/17/2020

    Thanks for the wonderful reminders!

    1. We are so used to being busy. And there is so much to enjoy in a well-run home.

  3. Great post. If we use this time to do all the things we never have time for it will be a huge blessing. So much of our world is concentrated on working and producing so we can consume more. But we really need to just enjoy what we have.

    1. It will be interesting to see what effect this has as people stop to just live. What a relief. Has it ever happened in my lifetime? I don't think so. An amazing experiment.

  4. Anonymous3/18/2020

    Brilliant :-) Time for just 'living' is what we've been working towards for years.


    1. A good goal that will see you prepared for what is coming.

  5. Anonymous3/18/2020

    Very nice. Been sunny here lately and we do often go to local parks to play pickleball or do bird watching. Then back home we sit in the sun on our porch or deck and read, watch the birds, or take a little snooze. The nature in my neighborhood is endlessly interesting and there is no reason to go very far from home. -- Mary

    1. I had to look up pickleball. I would go to the park with you and give it a go... playing at a safe distance, of course. It sounds like fun, and good exercise.

      Birds, sun, books, naps. What more does one need?

  6. Have been thinking and hoping that people will continue into simplicity after all this over. But for now, what a wonderful break for the Earth.

    1. It looks like we are all, except for a small group of the wealthy, going to be forced into simplicity for a while as our global economy collapses. We may never recover, and that will be a good thing. This has been our destiny whether by virus or ecological collapse, or greed, or climate...

      It is indeed a wonderful break for the Earth, pretty much instantly. Healing going on everywhere. Maybe we will finally acknowledge that we are killing Mother Earth, and choose to stop. Again we go back to simplicity. All roads lead to it.

  7. Anonymous3/20/2020

    And laugh! Even in the worst of times most of us can find something to smile or laugh about; even if it is ourselves or the crazy world we live in. My favorite so far: Has it occurred to anyone that Tom Hanks is once again stranded with Wilson. Think about it and have a good day.

    1. Ha, ha, ha.

      When we lose our sense of humour we lose our zest for life.


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