March 12, 2020

Mother Earth Will Fix Things If We Don't

Earth's human population, given current levels of consumption, is not sustainable. As such, it must be dealt with one way or another.

For example, fatal diseases are Nature’s way of controlling population levels. 

They spread quickly when numbers of individuals in any population increase past the carrying capacity of their environment.

It does not matter if we are talking about fruit flies, lemmings, or humans.

If we don't solve our population/overconsumption problem, Mother Earth will do it for us. 

Her judgement can not be avoided, if we continue to ignore these issues. 

"Why didn't you warn us?", we will wail.

And she will say, 

"First I sent floods. 

Then I sent plagues of locusts. 

Since no one seemed to notice, 

I sent a pandemic.

I suggest you fix your problems.

Or I will."

1 comment:

  1. When idiots build in the flood planes of the rivers here and then cry foul when they are wiped out, I have one thing to say. Mother Nature will always take back what she owns.


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