March 15, 2020

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Symptoms of Corona Virus

1. Chest pains
2. Fever
3. Difficulty breathing
4. Sudden urge to purchase vast amounts of toilet paper 

I noted that over the past month one of my old posts has wiped the competition out to rise to the top of the Most Read heap. The month's most popular post right now is, unsurprisingly I guess, about toilet paper.

The global toilet paper crisis is cleaning up more attention than the corona virus itself. 

Priorities. Never mind that toilet paper isn't even necessary (as I point out in the post in question).

Do like thousands of others preparing to socially distance themselves in their bathroom, and read "Make It Last: Toilet Paper (Or How To Wipe With One Square Or Less)".

There I give some hiney hacks on using water to clean up, an infinitely more sanitary option, and one that does not kill trees.

If, like many who have commented on the post, that grosses you out, you will find some toileting tips on making the ass wipe you have on hand last longer by using it more judiciously and creatively (one square or less).

You could also try recycling some as shown in the picture above, but I don't recommend that.

Who knows, though, where The Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 will take us. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Maybe this will be the year we graduate to bidets and other non-paper options.

Remember what they say (or is that just me?):

"Use the water to wash your butt,

And fewer trees will need to be cut."


"Use the water to wash your bum,

and those chainsaws will never hum." 

The corona virus has some nasty symptoms. Running out and buying up all the toilet paper in town does not have to be one of them.


  1. Anonymous3/15/2020

    K went to work last week and suggested her colleagues make some reusable flanalette wee wipes like the ones I made. This suggestion was met with silent disbelief and the subject was rapidly changed!! (of course she didn't suggest they use the wipes for, ahem, number twos. She would probably have been shunned for that!)

    My neighbour, on the other hand, was suitably impressed. There is no panic at my place :-) I've always maintained that so long as I have tea, soap, and something like loo paper, I can get through anything. (although I did just realise that if we went into lockdown a block of organic dark chocolate might be nice too...)


    1. Reusable wipes are an excellent idea. We make our out of old terry cloth towels. Mmm, chocolate.

  2. You know people are really going to have to go back to the stone age. No diapers, no wipes, no toilet paper, but I know that kleenex of tissues have saved many lives. Everyone ran around with a handkerchief covered in germs and that spread diseases. I say put all pulp into kleenex. But then you would have everyone using that in the bathroom. People!

    1. I have been using a handkerchief for decades. I don't get sick. If I did, I would switch to tissues until I got better.

  3. I was just sent this by a friend tonight, and it's really funny! It's a song on using a tabo. It occurs to me that washing is much cleaner!! I don't know if you can see it without an account but it's a humorous take on it.

    1. That is very funny. And factual. We have traveled in several countries that do not use toilet paper, so we have first hand experience with the water alternative. Neither of us missed toilet paper.

      We practiced extra thorough hand washing, a skill that is coming in 'handy' now that a virus is trying to kill our species in great numbers.


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