March 18, 2020

A Beautiful Poetic Life

Linda sitting quietly, doing nothing.

A transformation occurs when one stops the madness of chasing more and simply lives.

Time flows seamlessly. It just is. There is no rush, no urgency.

This moment is it, and it is enough.

"Leading a beautiful life is real poetry", Basho said.

 Notice he said "beautiful life", rather than "wealthy", "successful", or "busy" life.

And what is a life beautiful enough to be poetic?

"Chopping wood and carrying water."

And enjoying "the falling blossoms and the scattering leaves".

"Sitting quietly, doing nothing."

Where "each day is a journey, and the journey itself is home."

When we quit the busy, the beautiful is revealed.

Here is to a life where the poetry is lived as well as written.


  1. Anonymous3/19/2020

    What a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman! And such a lovely post. Yes, this moment is enough and it is beautiful. Thank you for sharing, it was a wonderful way to begin the day. -- Mary

    1. Linda says, "Thank you." Have a good one, and stay safe out there.

  2. Anonymous3/19/2020

    Linda looks as if she is leading a beautiful life. Very serene & unhurried.

  3. Came here today to find peace and sanity and you didn't disappoint. Thank you for the reminder that each moment is precious and is to be savored.

  4. Anonymous3/19/2020

    The Basho quote about the oak tree is full of beauty and wisdom. Thank you for sharing it. And Linda looks like a serene woman, indeed. Peace to you all in this very strange time. -Erin

  5. What a lovely photo of Linda. She looks very serene; a feeling that I'm working hard to keep at this scary time.
    I like the reminder to live in the moment and savour each minute we have.


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