January 24, 2016

Peak Stuff

People are getting over their love affair with stuff, and finding happiness.

Are mature consumer economies reaching Peak Stuff? I mean how much crap that you don't need can people buy? Or afford? Like banging your head against the wall, it can't go on forever.

Data shows that in the UK the consumer buying frenzy has been tapering. It is unlikely that it is the only place where 'dematerialization' is occurring. The times are ripe for the post-consumer curious to look at minimalism and simplicity in pursuit of right sizing bloated lifestyles.

Ex-consumers are altering personal consumption from conspicuous displays of wealth to a level based more on need. After a decades long buying spree that has not increased our quality of life, many are feeling better while consuming less.

Businesses are even cluing in to the fact that things are changing. An executive from a large home furnishing store said recently,

"In the West, we've probably hit peak stuff. We talk about peak oil. I'd say we've hit peak red meat, peak sugar, peak home furnishings."

Yup. Peak stuff, peak this, peak that. We have been pigging out on everything. Are we finally done?


  1. Anonymous1/24/2016

    I think there's some truth to this. Most people I know want smaller homes and less stuff. There's a reason the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is so popular. I know many people who have read it and are inspired to purge their homes and quit spending so much money. Fingers-crossed that this isn't a fad and that more people realize the freedom that comes with a simpler lifestyle.


    1. I support anything that helps people get over their addiction to unnecessary stuff. For Linda and I freedom has always been the most important issue that simplicity solves. Will be checking out the book at the public library.

  2. Anonymous1/25/2016

    I too see signs that things are changing. A few years back people had no idea what I was on about, now they have a clue and seem to be interested in change.

    1. Many people are realizing it has to be done, and the sooner the better. You have been an excellent spokesperson. We need more.


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