January 28, 2016

Friends of NBA

Wait - come back.

This blog has a side bar item that says "Join Not Buy Anything". It is a google item called Friend Connect (FC), and it enables readers to sign up and receive notification of our new posts in their reader. Lately I have noticed what appeared to be a mass exodus from this service.

It was a mystery. The number of followers was falling rapidly.

I pondered a few possible scenarios. Was it the years long, mind-numbing repetition of my pro-simple living message? Did I use the f word? Had so many people switched to post-consumer lifestyles that NBA was obsolete?

I decided to do some research to see if there was something other than a carefully planned corporate-lead shadow group trying to take NBA down. In doing so, I solved the mystery.

Maybe. This is what I found.

Googlecorp has been doing some tweaking to FC, and now requires readers to have a Googlecorp account. If you signed up through any other provider, you may have noticed that your connection to our blog has disappeared recently without you doing anything.

The removal of these non-google account profiles caused the decrease in our blog followers, and would explain why NBA might not be showing in your reader any more.

I think. It could be a corporate shadow group trying to shut us down. Or maybe 20 some readers all decided at the same time that our gig wasn't for them any more. I guess it is possible. But improbable. It's all about the mathematics.

If you have been unceremoniously dumped from FC against your will, you can sign up again with a google account, or if that is unacceptable, you can sign up for email notifications.

We appreciate your interest and your support, and wanted to share the information about this change just in case it affects you. 


  1. Hello,

    I just signed for e-mail notification. Your blog is one that I have listed as one of my favourites and I check regularly, but if it will help keep those who would attempt to silence you, I have signed up for e-mail notification. I really do hope that some corporate shadow (or anyone else) is not attempting to shut you down. This really is one of my favourites. rosiegirl :)

    1. Thank you rosiegirl. I am sure it is just google messing around with things, reducing interactivity in order to increase their bottom line. We have other subscribe options on our side bar that I didn't even mention. I am glad you signed up for email notifications. We will keep you posted.

  2. Here's another post about this issue that explains what's going on. He lost a lot of followers too. http://blogging.nitecruzr.net/2016/01/dear-followers-of-this-blog.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Nitecruzr-Blogging+%28The+Real+Blogger+Status%29

    1. Thanks for the link. That makes sense according to what I found out. I enjoyed seeing the white powder sand beaches you visited recently, and posted on your blog. None like that in our neck of the woods, although we do have beautiful beaches.

  3. Anonymous1/30/2016

    Everything disappeared from my reader a while back so I find it easier to just check in a few times a week to see what's new. Although I think I am actually a follower again. I like feeling I'm flying under google's radar!


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