January 13, 2016

Change Your Ways or Die

One of my favourite new musical acts is The Cactus Blossoms. Here they sing an old-timey country tune with a new-timey message. I hope you enjoy listening to "Change Your Ways or Die (The Buffalo Song)" as much as I do.

"When the river rises over her banks,
better make your home in a higher place.

Or if you stay down by the sand,
you will be washed away to another land.

And when the mountains
swim in the sea,
look around 
you won't find me.

In the end what's done is done.
If you hear it come,
you won't have to run.

You've got to change your ways or die.
If you listen now, 
I'll tell you why.

The buffalo was here to stay. 
Until a fool with a gun, 
came and took him away. 

If you go too far you can't come back.
When the river changes, 
so does the map.

You've got to change your ways or die.
If you listen now, 
I'll tell you why..."


  1. Anonymous1/14/2016

    Love discovering new music and musicians. A song with a message, even better!

    1. The radio station we first heard these guys on is the best we have ever heard. It is listener supported, and they feature a lot of acts from their area.

      Minnesota Public Radio - The Current

      "Our Mission is to enrich the mind and nourish the spirit, thereby enhancing the lives and expanding the perspectives of our audiences, and assisting them in strengthening their communities."

    2. It's so nice that other people outside of Minnesota listen to the Current!!! We are so proud of that station and it really is a treasure.

  2. WOW! I listened to this video this morning! It's been with me all day. Just went to You Tube and listened to more of their music. LOVE THESE GUYS! Thanks for letting us know about The Cactus Blossoms!

    Sadly, just heard Glen Fry of the Eagles has passed. Amazing group who have given us 4 decades of great music. R.I.P.

    1. David Bowie, Glen Fry... the old ones move on, the young ones take up the torch. Check out the link in my response to Miss Marla. MPR, The Current is our favourite radio station right now. Cactus Blossoms and more.


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