January 27, 2016


One of the things I like most about living a simple life is the reduced number of distractions. Living in a rural haven helps as well. Here all is quiet, except for the wind and the crows in the yard cawing for peanuts. You can hear yourself think.

Nietzsche thought that most of culture was just a distraction from the truth. I wonder if he ever came up with a percentage of culture that runs counter to seeking what is known to be real. Did he think 70% of culture was frenzied one ways and dead ends?

Is 90% of it all just "hey, look over there?" More? How is one to find the needle of truth in such a colossal haystack?

If culture in general is largely a distraction, then consumer culture must easily approach 100% bullshit. 100% moving in the wrong direction, our gaze far from where we should be looking.

In space no one can hear you scream. When we take on shopping and consuming as the goal in life, you can't hear yourself scream. You can't hear your brothers and sisters screaming. Or the trees, water and air.

Freed from the mental shackles of a life of gorging on infinite distractions, one can get down to the nitty gritty. It becomes possible to get to know yourself better, and see yourself and your life more clearly. It is scary business, which makes the popularity of shopping understandable.

In a simple life there is time and space to assess your relationships with everyone and everything around you. You can see where you fit in, and how your presence affects the world.

With a reduced load on your mind, it is possible to take on the truth as it reveals itself to you from day to day and moment to moment. And it is possible to find joy in this pursuit.

I say no to mindless manufactured distractions, and yes to seeking the good and true. A simple life makes it possible. Living in the country helps, but it is hardly a pre-requisite. It can be done anywhere.


  1. Anonymous1/27/2016

    Simple living is the best for us. We have given up all forms of media including the news, social media and television. This brings a lot of clarity and when you quit this stuff you begin to realise how negative it is. A simple life may be difficult at first, but gets easier with practice. Alex

    1. It is a challenge to live alternatively in line with your values as there is so much pressure to conform. Good for you for resisting.


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