January 6, 2016

First Forest Foray of 2016

I had my first snowshoe forest foray of 2016 yesterday, just before sunset. Out my back door, through the field and down into the Acadian forest that stretches for many kilometres in every direction. It is easy to feel pleasantly lost here.

If I continue down through the mixed forest for a few minutes I will reach the river at the bottom of the valley. Along the way I pass through a stand of sugar maples - tapped trees taking a nap.

Starting in March these trees, and thousands of others like them throughout the forest, will provide Nova Scotia's earliest agricultural crop of the year - maple syrup. "Sugar-time" is an exciting milestone in the forest's yearly cycle.

But for now, it is a winter wonderland. The snow has arrived. This is one of my favourite times of the year. And the forest is one of my favourite places in nature. Heaven, right here in my back yard.


  1. I love these photos...

  2. Beautiful pictures. Winter has arrived here too and surrounded our little house with cold winds from Sibiria and beautiful snow. The forest so white and still. Such beauty. Pam in Norway

  3. Great pictures, what a wonder it is in the snow covered forest. How cool to have that pristine forest right outside your back door. You and Linda should stay there forever!

    I've been watching your weather. Pretty cold up there. Winter has finally arrived here in South Carolina but it won't get all that cold here. We think it is cold, but not like up north. They are predicting less than an inch of snow here in a couple of days. That will be nice.


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