April 13, 2024


Greedy companies have many different ways of gouging consumers.

There's inflation, shrinkflation, skimpflation, and crapflation, to mention a few.

Another one that has come to my attention is trickflation. Or you could call it sneakflation, or shiftyflation. 

You can file all these shady business practices under the overall category of greedflation.

In the example above, different packaging, exactly the same amount of product, and a new much higher price.

They are sneaky, and they hope we won't notice. 

But we are noticing, and we are getting tired of such dishonourable practices.

So tired, that we are quitting buying crappy products for good.

Demand destruction is always a possible outcome for greedy operators. People stop buying from you, and they never come back.

You can trick some of the people for a while, but you risk them finding out and deciding to keep their money in their wallets as a response.

We're not buying anything from dishonest entities.

And that's most of them.

Good riddance. We will do just fine without your trickery, and without your products.

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