April 20, 2024

The Three Stages of The Quest


The word elicits a deep felt call to challenge, adventure, and an improvement in the human condition.

Across the ages, it has been a commonplace thought that those that seek visions and insight must go apart from others and spend time in the wilderness. 

The quester is stripped to the bare essentials in a moment or life lived at the most simple. 

And the most natural.

Simplicity and nature nurture intentions. They are tools waiting to be used.

Both allow us to break our selves down without the usual distractions so we can remove the ultimate distraction - that which is within. 

As Suzy Kassem writes, "If the mind is in the way, the heart won't see anything."

At the end of the quest, this extreme simplification conducted in nature? 

Kindness, compassion, and a better world. 

Happy questing! 

May we all grow, develop, and evolve individually, and together, in simplicity and nature.

Three Stages of The Quest

1. Sudden jolt. Something tweaks you to begin your quest, and leave everything behind.

2. Down the rabbit hole. Your adventure takes you within, simultaneously curious and bewildered.

3. Understanding and acceptance. The quest ends with the seeker sensing a deeper connection to everything.

Repeat if necessary.

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  1. May we all embark on our quests with courage, humility, and an open heart, ready to embrace the challenges and revelations that lie ahead. Read my new blog post.


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