April 22, 2024

Giving to Our Mother on Earth Day

"Hey! You're right - this is way more fun than the corporate jet."

Today is Earth Day. If you are thinking of a gift for Mother Earth, I have the perfect thing.

The most awesome, most needed gift that you could possibly provide your planet, IMHO, is to live more simply.

The best thing is that anyone can do it. Anyone, and everyone can give this gift. Any act of simplifying your life will be gratefully accepted by our fair mother.

Imagine the positive impact of giving up your private jet, even if it is just on Wednesdays. Or pairing down the number of homes you own to just two or three.

How about selling off that car collection and riding one of your motorcycles more often? 

Or sell off your motorcycle collection, too, and ride one of your bicycles more often.

Even cutting down showering to just once per day will have a noticeable impact on the environment. 

Giving up meat in favour of more lentils, beans, and rice is a good one. I figure that 276 million Indians can't be wrong. I'm with them.

Everything any one of us does in our own personal offering pays off in reducing mom's stress levels. 

Providing the gifts nature needs might be tough, and that's alright. Remember, if there's no component of sacrifice, it's probably not a deeply committed gift.

Living more simply gives the present of reduced resource use and waste. You decide the size of your gift. All efforts are appreciated and matter.

Our giving back in this way will make sure there is more to go around for everyone, including all the other life forms with which we share our beautiful planet.

The Great Mother loves you for it, and will shower you with life-sustaining gifts in return.

Everyone's a winner, folks, and that is true (I fact checked it myself).

And don't forget to visit your mother regularly. We would all benefit from reconnecting with her, seeing that she loves us, and realizing that we are an important part of her family.

Happy Earth Day.

Love ya, mom.


  1. love your posting....nothing but the positive!

    1. Anonymous4/24/2024

      Thank you.

      The cure for negativity is not more negativity.

      There is still so much to be positive about. It is an amazing adventure that we are all experiencing. Some would say miraculous.

      - Gregg


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