April 3, 2024

Not Buying Anything As Protest

There are three ways to approach a problem. Accept it, change it, or leave it. When it comes to consumerism, our choice has been to change it by leaving it.

The more simply one lives, the less they feed the beast.

Over the decades Linda and I have continuously simplified, which is synonymous with buying less and less of what consumerism has to offer.

We have removed our support for the system as it has descended from bad to worse, and have quit almost everything that is part of a normal life where we live.

The status quo has never appealed to us. We see it as the source of decay we are presently experiencing.

What we need as tyranny takes hold, is a form of protest they can't shut down and destroy.

It has to be something everyone can do, but without a central command or hierarchy that the powers that shouldn't be can target.

Considering that, our diffuse form of protest has been enjoying sticking around the neighbourhood, and not buying into all the stuff and services we've never needed. Or even wanted.

Our lifelong form of protest has been getting along just fine locally and without all the extras.

We just said no, and escaped the wheel of consumer life. 

China's lie flat movement is a current example of a mass opting out.

If active protest is squashed, and it is in most places, not just China, then a passive response is inevitable. 

People are choosing to opt out in greater numbers as the lies and resulting horrors continue to pile up.

What if, along the way, we found we were happier with life outside of the system?

I wonder if that would get anyone's attention?

They can stop us from doing something, but what can they do if we choose to do nothing that supports their corrupted system?

Don't work for them, don't buy their useless narratives, stuff or services.

They don't really care about our ballots.

The same can not be said about our dollars.


  1. My thoughts exactly!! Vote with your dollars. Not buying says a lot.

    1. Anonymous4/03/2024

      Not everyone votes, but we all spend money.

      - Gregg


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