March 30, 2024

Not Selling Out

I don't want to provide free advertising for any corporation. 

Nor would I accept payment to do such a thing, because I value my freedom and integrity.

Influencer, a job category that didn't even exist when I was in the workforce, is definitely out for me. 

How could I be when I scrupulously erase any sign of corporate identifiers on any of my clothing or possessions?

I use a thick black felt marker, duct tape, or hammer to  remove any labels or logos identifying the corporation expecting me to give them free advertising.

I don't like having that kind of dreck in my face, since the corporate world is so up in our stuff all the time. 

I don't want to promote and provide any large corporation with free advertising on me, or my stuff. 

I don't want them in my headspace.

Influencer equals selling out.

"Selling out" is a common expression for the compromising of a person's integrity, morality, authenticity, or principles by forgoing the long-term benefits of the collective or group in exchange for personal gain, such as money or power. - Wiki

Maybe our culture has forgotten that term. Or it has been consciously buried to avoid nagging feelings of cognitive dissonance.

Selling out used to be a bad thing, not a lucrative job category to which many young people aspire.

For free, or paid, I'm not shilling for any corporate masters.


  1. Anonymous4/02/2024

    I totally agree. People seem so used to brand labels being everywhere — they can’t imagine life without them. I feel that billboards should be outlawed. Why am I bombarded with ads while I drive on the highway?

    We had a new cedar fence installed a few years ago. And the company hammered a metal plate with their logo to the new fence! I immediately took it down. They certainly weren't paying me to advertise for them!

    The best brand is no brand. Natural products don’t need to be advertised.

    On a similar note, while driving past our local REI yesterday I said to my husband, “Funny that you can get outside without any fancy gear. Just go.” We do enjoy REI, but usually don’t need any gear beyond our old hiking shoes and a backpack that will last our lifetimes. The idea that we need to continually get new stuff to be in nature is so silly.


  2. Anonymous4/03/2024

    We bought our outdoor gear 30 years ago and are still using most of it. In most cases no need for upgrades or replacements.

    Once I bought a used car from a lot. I told them I wouldn't buy it unless they took all the branding off. They thought it a weird request, but they did it.

    And yes, billboards should be outlawed. That gets my vote. I like a clear mental space.

    - Gregg

  3. The term influencer really irks me. It's in the name folks, they are attempting to influence to you buy. Every single social media platform is inundated with ads. They want your money, your time and to rob you of any mental clarity.

    1. Anonymous4/07/2024

      I'm more of a dissuader.

      "Don't buy it. Don't do it. Any of it."

      It doesn't pay well, but is much more liberating.

      - Gregg


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