February 29, 2024

More Wood, Less Plastic

Wood, is 100% biodegradable, but with careful use and proper care, there is no reason some wood products would ever need to be tossed in the bin.

A lot of stuff on the internet says you should replace your wooden spoons every 5 years or so. 

That has not been my experience. I could be slowly poisoning myself and not know it, but I don't think so.

Although wood is naturally anti-bacterial, you certainly don't want to be stirring your food with an old woody bacteria trap. 

Just like a wooden cutting board, if the wood spoon is cared for properly, and isn't cracked, split, or smelly, I don't see why it couldn't last for decades. 

There is one in my kitchen that gets regular use that belonged to Linda's mom, who used it for who knows how long before she gave it to us. 

We have had it for 30 years. When I use it I can feel its power, more like a cooking wand than a spoon. 

It crackles with the power of creating thousands of handmade meals over the years. Or maybe that's the bacteria.

Most people would agree that wood products like toys, furniture, boxes, trunks, and kitchenware are much more attractive than plastic or metal alternatives. 

Wood generally ages well and becomes more beautiful and full of character over time. Just like humans! 

Wood products are not only naturally non-toxic and beautiful, they are also completely biodegradable, and if done right are 100% sustainable.

What this old world needs is more wood, and less plastic.


  1. Anonymous3/02/2024

    "Cooking wand" is now my favorite expression! My family has some wonderful wood utensils, some of which were a present from an old family friend and a wooden spoon that my son made. My living room coffee table/storage unit is an old firewood box that my father made 70 years ago from scraps of cherry wood that were left over from paneling our breezeway. Wood truly is the best, most beautiful material for creating useful items - those utensils in the photo are absolutely stunning!

    1. Anonymous3/06/2024

      70 years! Something handmade like that becomes part of the family. It is not only a piece of the forest, but a piece of your father as well. Beautiful.

      - Gregg


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