February 5, 2024

Winter Storm

Monster drift up north in Cape Breton.

The past few blustery days have seen the first big snow storm of the winter across Nova Scotia. It is a hassle for some, but I welcome it.

We didn't get as much snow as north of our location where they got a record breaking dump (as seen in the picture above), but it was still the biggest of the season for us. 

Not one to miss a wintery opportunity despite 80 km winds, I got out for my first snowshoe today. And it was great.

Drift at my back door.

One of my favourite things while snowshoeing about in the snowy woods is seeing what other creatures are also out and about.

Today I saw the tracks of: mouse, squirrel, coyote, and deer. 

I also passed through an area that had evidence of several deer laying down to ride out the storm. In those spots there were deer sized divots in the deep snow, with leaves showing at the bottom.

Coyotes often take advantage of the deer's inability to move freely in deep snow. Indeed, the coyote tracks I saw today were in areas where there were also deer tracks.

The woods are incredibly beautiful draped in a snowy mantle.

Last year there were only two days that were good for snowshoeing. That is why I am planning on getting out into the woods every day until the snow either melts or gets rained upon.

According to the forecast, that means I could have another 4 or 5 days of excellent conditions.

Extra fun exercise here we come. And I will see what other wildlife tracks and signs I can find.

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