February 9, 2024

Adbusters Ad Parodies

Adbusters asks, "Why have mood disorders increased in each
successive generation throughout the 20th century?"

Adbusters is a Canadian outfit that publishes the pro-free-your-mental-space/anti-advertising Adbusters magazine. 

They propose a revolution to overthrow business as usual. Their method is the MLF (Mental Liberation Front), and the goal is to free our minds of the negative effects of corrupted capitalism.

Only $20 dollars for all of this in a Big Mac meal. A bargain for
590 calories and 34 grams of fat, not counting the fries
or drink.

One method they use to highlight the insidious effects of advertising is to create ad parodies. It is a form of subvertising that is very effective.

Battery chickens have a nasty, brutish, and short life thanks to industrial farming methods.

Some of these parodies are funny, or tragi-funny more like. 

They can all give a jolt even to consumers long rendered numb by the constant barrage of corporate brainwashing that has trained us to desire a steady stream of more of their crap.

Most, however, are deadly serious. Take their wristwatch ad parody "100 Seconds to Midnight" for example.

It refers to the doomsday clock, which is set at 90 seconds to midnight as of 2024 according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Read the fine print.

The Pfizer ad parody is also deadly serious considering what has been happening around the world since the global roll out of the experimental medical interventions that have failed dangerously despite making multi-billions in profits.

Just more of the same in the corrupted consumer environment that is highlighted by all of Adbusters work.

Free us of the festering freak show that is corporate advertising, they say, and we will free our minds. Free our minds, and we will free our lives.

Take a closer look here at more Adbusters ad parodies.


  1. Anonymous3/14/2024

    I love adbusters. That aside, I can tell you from first hand experience that taking antidepressants is not always a forever-thing. My family has unresolved and unrecognized trauma, and what that does is pass it on to the younger generations, namely me, along with all the outdated and harmful narratives. Prozac is like windex for your mind in a way....in that it can clear out the grime of confusion, stress, anxiety and all those rotten mental states, so a person can see their situation for what it really is. With long standing issues that stem from childhood/teenage years, you can't simply will it all away by yourself.

    1. Anonymous3/15/2024

      Thank you for sharing your experience on this topic. It is often painted as a black and white issue, while as you point out, there are also shades of grey. Glad that things worked out for you. Everyone needs some help from time to time, and that can take different forms.

      - Gregg


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