February 12, 2024


"You took my joy - I want it back."

- Lucinda Williams

Living more simply is not just about saving money, or reducing your impact on the Earth. For many simple living people, it is about finding more joy.

When we reduce the amount of busyness and stuff in our lives we can focus more on the simple activities of life where love, magic, and mystery can be found. 

Most often, these are activities that can not be bought anywhere for any amount of money. Chasing joy through conspicuous consumption is a dead end.

Where do I find joy?

For me, I am talking about things like watching the sun rise or set, or watching snow fall.

I find joy in cooking every day with wholesome ingredients to make healthy, tasty meals. 

A more recent example was going on 5 snowshoe hikes over 5 days. 

Joy, joy, joy, joy, joy.

There is a lot of stuff going on in the world today that can take your joy. 

But if we don't have the possibility of producing joy in our lives, what have we got? Not much.

That is what a simple life can do for you - increase the amount of joy by eliminating as much of that which is joyless as possible.

A few more joy-inducing experiences for me would be:

- seeing several serious signs of spring (like my garden beginning to grow)

- alliteration (I am easily joyed)

- only putting out one bag of garbage every few weeks

- spotting wildlife while out in nature

- making Linda laugh

- not owning a vehicle (a case where spending less money is yielding more joy)

One might live more simply to save money, or to reduce one's impact on the planet. 

But doing so for those reasons can also bring joy.

Hmm, maybe living simply is all about finding more joy. That is certainly my experience.

What brings you joy?


  1. Anonymous2/12/2024

    For me watching the rain, frosty mornings, blossoms, valleys full of fungi and falling leaves in autumn. That feeling of flowing through the universe. Sadly lately I have been working to hard, where I listen to people's trauma all day during the week, which has meaning, but I need to find that balance again, it's been a long winter.

  2. Anonymous2/12/2024

    Less trauma, more joy. Spring is on the way.

    We had frost the other morning, and the trees were glinting in the sun. Diamonds. Also, the feeling of "flowing through the Universe" is a great one. Like a wave moving through the ocean. Energy. Vibration.

    Thank you for the work you do, and take care.

    - Gregg

    1. Anonymous2/13/2024

      Thanks, looking forward to seeing some green shoots soon.

  3. I find joy too in cooking meals from scratch and eating them with loved ones, not always possible so maybe that makes them more special and joyful. I used to love walking to my local park and sit to watch the sun go down, thanks for remind me of that one, which i will do tomorrow, the sun is down already today. I find a ton of joy riding my bike and being in nature. The thing is, i used to do these thing naturally in my twenties. My thirties were purely career focused, almost survival mode. My forties are mostly health focused and career coasting. I am in the midsts to re-educate myself to undo two decades of "earning my right to exist" in this capitalist society and go back to my centre being a tiny being among the mysteriously beautiful and limitless universe and moment that is my life.

    1. Anonymous2/17/2024

      Nice breakdown of life over the decades. That rings true with me as I get into my 6th decade, and work on my own quest into "the mysteriously beautiful and limitless universe" now that I have the time and experience to make that happen. Good luck to you on your journey. Seems to me you are well on your way.

      - Gregg

    2. Thank you Gregg, wishing for all to enjoy their time on this Earth and leave it on a better state that how they found it.

  4. Best blog bit:
    Adoring alliteration
    Joyfully jumping
    Happily hopping
    Strolling smoothly
    Soothing sentences and souls the same


    1. Anonymous2/21/2024

      Complete comment kudos, kiddo!

      - Gregg


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