June 5, 2023

Digital Detoxing In Nature

Since publishing my last post I had a spontaneous digital detox. It happened quite organically, and I just went with it.

The start of my sreencation was the beginning of a nature immersion.

I planted seeds in our gardens. Peas, carrots, beets, dill, coriander, basil, nasturtiums, pole beans, bush beans, and kale.

I went for hikes and bike rides. On one ride I came across a painted turtle on the trail. I helped it off to the side where it wouldn't get run over. 

I went fishing for the first time in over a decade. And was successful while doing catch and release angling.

I am learning more about natural food sources around our home, like spruce buds, wild strawberries, and fish. 

This is because someone in our comments section recently reminded me of foraging. Thank you!

Even at home there is always nature close by since we live in a rural location.

All kinds of wildlife visits our yard. 

The most notable would be great blue heron, eagle, a kestrel taking a run at a hummingbird at our feeder, and a porcupine that wandered into our yard and stuck around for an extended visit.

But the best was our first coyote sighting in the yard since moving here in 2014. 

Not our photo, but this is exactly the hunting behaviour we witnessed.

While we watched, the coyote hunted mice and voles at the bottom of our back yard close to the forest edge.

This beautiful wild animal pounced several times in the tall grass. Its tail wagged. After it caught and ate a mouse it smiled. 

I smiled. 

My ten day digital detox/nature immersion was all so... real. 

And true, because nature never lies. 


  1. Anonymous6/05/2023

    I always feel like disconnecting after a walk in nature and it appears to kick in after 30 minutes or so. I want to somehow translate the feeling into everyday life, it's nice to feel lighter without carrying around a virtual reality show in my head.
    Foraging allows connection to the forest though taste allowing a sensory connection. I like to taste a new forest when I visit for the first time.
    The mushroom season is now getting under way here, I think you would really enjoy learning about the fungal kingdom.

    1. Anonymous6/07/2023

      I am very interested in learning more about edible mushrooms in my area. That would be quite a commitment in order to eat safely, but foraging is becoming a topic in my area, so there is material available to up my game.

      - Gregg

  2. What beautiful photos, and what a wonderful detox Gregg. I think we can all feel the need to take such a break, but a lot of people push that feeling away. They can't or won't listen to their need for nature. I love Alex's idea of foraging. We sometimes do that with blackberries, but more often these days we take the children out for long walks foraging for kindling for the fire. It's plentiful and free, Mother Nature provides it year around when she casts off twigs, branches and pinecones. No need for chemical laden fire starters. We also have plenty of dandelion around, and those leaves are delicious in salads :)

  3. I forgot to add- I also forage rose hips from our garden for making rosehip syrup during winter. It is so high in vitamin C and is delicious. All the children love it! Most people just prune off their roses at this time of year, but I leave mine intact until I can gather the hips. You can also dry them for delicious tea :)


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