December 1, 2022

The Solution That Shall Not Be Named

How To Use Less

One potential answer to our current global resource problem is never talked about. Ever.

It is The Solution That Will Not Be Named.

But I will name it.

Use less everything.

I know. Gasp! 

That's anti-everything our system believes in. We can't have infinite growth if we all use less.

If we don't have more everything all the time we will destroy utterly the economy, democracy, freedom, and civilization itself. 

Surely we would be headed toward living in caves grunting about the good ol' days when we used too much everything.

But you know what? Living with too much hasn't made us any happier.

Inevitably we will start naming the solution that so far has not been named.

It is the only thing that will save us, and is actually doable, unlike any of the system's fake scams.

Buckminster Fuller's idea is one that I have adopted and recommend, which is to "do more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing".

Just because this is currently the Voldemort of solutions does not mean it's not a good one, or even the best one.

So simple. 

So doable. 

So effective and satisfying.

Use less of everything. 

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