December 2, 2022

Dumb Consumer Item Of The Month - Flying Car

The latest offering of the flying car idea.

"We're not on other planets, there are no flying cars, and the only robots we have in our homes just sweep the floor."

- Albert Brooks

How long have we been hearing about the dream of becoming airborne in cars? As long as there have been cars.

William Samuel Henson and John Stringfellow—the Wright brothers before the Wright brothers existed—patented a flying car in... 1841.

And do we, in 2022, have flying cars available to the consuming public? Not quite yet, even though hundreds of companies are working on it... still. 

That's because these are an even dumber idea than cars were. Flying cars are like cold fusion - always 10 years away.

But that does not seem to be stopping those that want to cash in on supplying yet another dumb consumer item to a stuff hungry public.

Who knows, perhaps some day someone will make a flying car that doesn't cost millions of dollars and won't kill the occupants or anyone on the ground, and regular people can take to the skies. 

What could go wrong?

I look forward to Idiots In Cars videos on Youtube to be joined by Idiots In Flying Cars videos. 

Remember - consumerism does not need to make sense, it just needs to make money.

Do you have a nomination for the next Dumb Consumer Item of the Month? Let us know.

Thank you to Russ for this month's suggestion.


  1. The other evening my neighbour gleefully showed me a plastic gizmo that makes three snowballs at one time she just purchased as a stocking stuffer for one of her grandchildren. When I was a child I was quite proud of my snowball making abilities - alas, even this wintertime joy is becoming a lost art. And plastic.

    1. Anonymous12/10/2022

      It's a plastic-fuelled arms race! Gloved hands aren't enough anymore, I guess. Sad. Definitely in the running for Dumb Consumer Item Of The Winter.

      - Gregg


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