December 19, 2022

Happy Crappy Consumer Christmas?

People feel they have to do this...

Because crass consumer capitalists smelling an opportunity for profit turned this...

Into this...

And then this...

Resulting in this:

Buried under that pile of consumerism is the true spirit of Christmas, and along with it all memories of where it all began - a pagan celebration of Winter Solstice, the day the light begins to return to the world.

Happy Whatever You Celebrate This Time Of Year.

Hopefully it isn't Crappy Consumer Christmas, but instead a more meaningful celebration of love and light. 

This is what the human family has always done at this time of the year. 

The darkest days have passed, and together in compassion and solidarity we have made it through another year together.

The light returns! 

Love to all.


  1. Anonymous12/20/2022

    I love celebrating the return of the light. Happy Winter Solstice, NBA friends! -Erin

    1. Anonymous12/20/2022

      May your new year be filled with light and love. Enjoy the sunlight and extended days. It really makes a huge difference where we are in the north, relatively speaking. Real northern Canadians might find this funny... they have to live in absolute darkness. All day long.

      - Gregg and Linda

  2. Anonymous12/23/2022

    Haha. Love your posts Gregg and Linda. People need to stop even considering what other people think of them. We stopped gift giving many years ago and only send cash to 2 food banks. We do give our own children (who are as thrifty as we are) money at Christmas, but that’s it. I decided a few years ago that I didn’t enjoy doing a tree so that ended. Next year we will only celebrate Thanksgiving because who needs to do all the work of two celebrations within a month of each other? Our kids live nearby and we see them all the time anyway so we might think differently if they lived away. We feel that as thrifty people we should be thrifty with our time and energy as well. If we still had small grandchildren our thoughts on that would be different. But, we continue to simplify every single aspect of our lives everyday and feel freer all the time. Your simple life in Canada is a goal we should all work toward. Nothing is more important than freedom. Have a wonderful life everyday you two! Cheers, Deva.

    1. Anonymous12/24/2022

      Hey Deva. What a stress-reliever to not have back to back holidays in which we feel obligated to do things we may not wish to do. Love how you have taken charge and thought it through for yourselves. It sounds like more people are doing the same. Hope and sanity prevail!

      In simplicity, love and light,

      Gregg and Linda


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