September 16, 2022

Nature's Calander

After a summer of swarming our feeder, the hummingbirds have left. Washing dishes won't be the same. Until next May.

The barn and tree swallows no longer swoop through the yard catching insects on the fly. 

Today I rode my bike to the community mailbox 4 km down the road, and felt cold for the first time in months.

The sun is shifting in its path and will soon be halfway to its winter solstice position in the south.

Leaves are looking worn and are beginning to turn colours.

The winter squash are fattening under their green umbrellas.

We are enjoying the last few days of summer, and hope you are doing the same. 

We look forward to those sweet days of fall, which in our location in the Canadian Maritimes, stretch out longer than other places we have lived.

Often we do not see snow until the new year. I am not waiting, and have refurbished my 20 year old snowshoes already.

The crows, also noting the shifts afoot, are starting to cruise our yard again, looking for peanuts in the shell.

You don't need a wall calendar to see where this is going. 

Nature's calendar is showing us exactly when it is. It is now, and it is beautiful.

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