September 28, 2022

The Cookbook That Changed How We Cook And Eat

The one single cookbook that has helped us the most in the kitchen and in our diet is Laurel's Kitchen

This vegetarian pioneering book was first published in 1976, around the time that I had my first grain burger at the Renaissance Fair in Eugene, Oregon as a wee hippy-in-training.

Our copy of this solid veggie cooking staple was a gift, and already well used when we received it. 

Now, after hard use for many more years, it is split in two and rounded around the edges. A big, blue rubber band now holds this information treasure chest together.

Our favourite cookbook naturally falls open to certain recipes, well worn paths leading to stashes of whole-food nutrition magic.

Chapati, tortilla, soy spread, dhal, hummus, and other dishes have become staples in our diet, largely due to this one book.

We give it two yums up for its recipes and extensive information, and for how it increased our joy in cooking and eating.

What is your favourite cookbook that has helped you improve your cooking and your diet?


  1. Anonymous9/29/2022

    That cookbook looks great! Was able to find a copy on ebay for under $5 with shipping!! We eat as "real" as possible (not vegetarian though, but this book looks great) so thought this would be a great book to add to our collection. Nourishing Traditions is a favorite of mine.

    Thanks for the great blog - it's one of 2 that I keep an eye on!!! :)

  2. Anonymous10/03/2022

    This looks like a great cookbook! I really enjoy Flavor! (WFBP) and Jerusalem (gorgeous photos and delicious dishes that are easy to make vegetarian). My foundational text for food is Paul Pitchfork’s Healing with Whole Foods. I never tire of reading through it and being reminded of sound food and nutritional wisdom from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. Peace, Erin


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