September 8, 2022

It's All About Simplification Now

"We have just undergone a couple of centuries of the greatest complexification in our species history..." 

- Nate Hagens

We have reached Peak Everything. Now we are on the downside of the curve. 

From now on it will be all about simplification for those who have been living high on the hog for too long.

The Great Reset = simplification.

Green Energy = simplification.

Limiting international travel = simplification.

Tiny homes = simplification.

The Great Resignation = simplification.

The Rural Migration Trend = simplification.

Staycations = simplification.

Higher interest rates = simplification.

Pricy, unaffordable gasoline = simplification.

Less, more expensive food at the grocery store? Yup, simplification again.

Even if you don't feel you need to simplify now, why not do so in order to be prepared for the day that you will need to?

Because whether by nature, misguided elites, or authoritarian government mandates, simplification is coming.

The future will be all about simplification. 

Starting now.

Learn to love a life of less materialism and more authentic living, or learn to love being miserable and discontented. 

The good news? 

In my experience, there is much about a simple life to love. 

Many will discover that it is vastly better than the hyper-speedy, debt-ridden, work-a-day-shop-till-you-drop lifestyle that is quickly fading in the distance. 

Good-bye Peak Everything. 

Hello Peak Simplicity.


  1. We started simplifying seriously 18 years ago when we downsized and moved to a small town. It is so much easier to make changes yourself before you HAVE to. I'm glad we did.

    1. Anonymous9/10/2022

      We agree. It is so much more pleasant to choose rather than be forced. Choosing simplicity is actually choosing freedom and authentic living. A lot of people are liking it more than the fast and complex lives they are leaving. Downsize now and avoid the rush!

      - Gregg

  2. I was in my mid teens (and that was long time ago) when I looked around and decided I didn't want to just let the current take me into the life stream into which I could see most of my contemporaries flowing. Life being life, I haven't always been able to ignore the pull, but I have managed to hold my head above water enough to be able to shout out from time to time that, Hey I am still here, I haven't drowned, I am still me.

    1. Anonymous9/13/2022

      With humans being social animals, the pull is relentless. But I had questions about the system since I became a kindergarten drop out. My parents let me stay home. Rebels at heart, they didn't promote my stand against pretty much everything "normal", but neither did they discourage me. They let me be me.

      What a gift that turned out to be. There is enough intervention from all quarters later in life, and it can be a challenge to keep yourself intact against it all.

      So glad there are people, like you, that can ignore the pull, and explore life outside the box. You never know when shouting out about it might save another living being, human or otherwise.

      - Gregg


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