September 12, 2022

Bottled Air

The old model of consumerism is out. Instead of selling us resource-intensive things we don't need, companies of the future will sell you things you do need.

They will sell us rights to consume the most basic of things. 

"Do you have a Standing Pass? You need a Standing Pass to stand here. Extra if you also look around while standing here."

They want to be able to commodify everything, own everything, including the very necessities of life. 

When a small group of humans owns it all, they will sell it to consumers too poor to buy anything else.

This is not a mistake. Rather, it is the logical outcome of the late stage capitalist system we live under. 

Einstein thought there was no limit to human stupidity. It appears that our greed is infinite as well.

Expensive bottled water? Get ready for expensive bottled air.

And Standing Passes. 

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