May 31, 2022

Tofu Or Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper or tofu? You can't have both.

I see a time in the Mad Max future where people will be selling toilet paper rations so they can buy tofu.

Of course others will be selling tofu rations so they can buy toilet paper.

Instead of waiting for Food Passports and ration cards to be added to the growing list of requirements for daily living, we can choose to take measures to increase the resilience of local food supplies.

We can grow a garden, and support local food producers.

Our garden was finished last weekend, after preparations and early plantings over the past 3 weeks. 

Since planting it has had to endure a windy, cool days. We have had a frost warning, but it did not materialize where we are.

Last fall we transplanted rhubarb from a friend's garden, and it is getting nicely established in its new location in our yard. The same person gave us a chestnut tree which I planted on the side of our house. 

I am also nurturing a struggling raspberry patch out back that got overrun with field grasses and plants.

Along our road we can buy eggs, honey, maple syrup, apples, strawberries, blueberries, a variety of garden vegetables, and pumpkins from neighbours. 

Since we live just outside a fishing village, we can buy seafood directly from boats down on the dock. 

If a global food crisis is successfully launched by the powers that shouldn't be, we wouldn't starve. Right away. 

However, we would have to radically change what and how we eat.

Often we take the way things are now for granted. We don't know what we've got till it's gone.

Don't wait until having to choose between using limited tofu OR toilet paper rations. If we wait until the stores have bare shelves, it will be too late to do much about it.

To avoid the discomfort and danger of being starved by the NWOs Not So Great Reset, we need to plan an alternative, local, and resilient food system. And fast.

Our governments are perpetrating these crises, so we can't depend on them riding to our rescue.

What's your plan? 

And, tofu or toilet paper?



  1. I do not eat tofu and I don't need toilet paper. I can use the many sewing scraps I have, old clothing, or wash cloths. Could I buy bananas on the black market?

    1. Anonymous5/31/2022

      Toilet paper is definitely expendable. I have noticed that bananas have not gone up in price for many years. I am sure black market bananas would be more expensive.

      - Gregg

  2. Anonymous6/01/2022

    I'm set on gardening as much as I possibly can. It's not much in the way of sustenance but I'm quite proud anyway! I'm trying to relearn sustainable gardening skills and hope to visit the gardening store less. So as to, you know, not buy anything!

    I'm afraid building the sustainable community-building part isn't going too well for me, as I've found our neighborhood to be particularly disinterested in anything related to sustainability or resilience. Me and my partner are still deciding whether to relocate to somewhere a little more hospitable, or to stay put and hope we won't be alone in our efforts forever.

    Love your blog!

    1. Congratulations on your dedication to doing things differently than the mainstream. We live in a rural area of Nova Scotia, so there may be more alternative food sources than in a city. Have you looked up food buying groups or gardening clubs in your area? They would be a source of like-minded people to meet and work with. Things will change everywhere... when people are forced to change by conditions which I think are coming (or are here already), but perhaps unnoticed by many. Lots of denial going around, too. Good luck, and happy not buying anything.

      - Gregg

  3. Anonymous6/01/2022

    Oh and tofu, obviously. Can't eat toilet paper!

    1. That would be our choice, too. I know some people that would rather eat the toilet paper, but we love tofu.

  4. Growing up toilet paper was only for BMs. There were three cup hooks screwed into the wall beside the toilet on which hung three personal wash cloths that were used instead of tp. My mother would buy bundles of wash cloths at the Goodwill, bleach/disinfect the heck out of them et voila! We were responsible for rinsing out our own and they got washed with the towels on laundry day. Living on my own now I have gone back to the same system.

    No tofu here. I have a deadly allergy to soy - pre-pandemic a lovely scented soy candle in a café necessitated my only ever ride in an ambulance. I have found through trial and error that I cannot tolerate grains or dried legumes. I have a friend whose wife is the same. He is a nutrition researcher and has a theory that this is caused by the amino acids/protein that grains and legumes produce when they go through the final dry down process that makes them seeds. Interestingly both his wife and myself are Anishinaabe Cree. The other part of his theory is that this sydrome is more common in Indigenous people than we know - our peoples were nomadic hunter-gatherers who didn't farm so I guess it makes some sense. All I know is that going to a modern day version of a traditional plains Indigenous diet has made all the difference - animal protein, fruits, veg and dairy. Dairy doesn't bother me but my friend's wife doesn't tolerate it at all. Anyway, happy, healthy and clean arsed - what else could one ask for?

    1. If anyone is interested, this is one of the first articles that was forwarded to me to explain the above phenomena:

    2. Your case is an excellent example of why we shouldn't mandate diets. "One size fits all" is bad policy for diets, and for medical treatments generally. We need to have choice according to our own specific needs, situation, and genetic make-up. I am all for clean arses, too.

  5. Anonymous6/03/2022

    Every time I get on here I get teary and emotional. Funny thing is it comes from a renewed faith in the human race. I read your lovely ideas, hopes, dreams and deeds as well as those of your readers and I think “there must be millions more out there” and it gives me hope for the future. Keep up your positive words and actions - you may be making more of a difference than you realize. Deva

    1. Anonymous6/07/2022

      We like the way you think, and remain hopeful that we are "making more of a difference" than we realize. One can never tell. Thank you for positive and kind comment, and for being here with us.

      - Gregg


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