May 25, 2022

Build Back Amish

They're saying they want to Build Back Better, but physics will ensure it won't go according to their self-serving plotting and planning. 

Because of little things like resource depletion and immutable natural laws, BBB will turn out to be more like BBA. 

That is, Build Back Amish.

Take this man's BBA experience that was shared on a small cabin website. 

"I had an Amish man build my 14 X 24 cabin. It is an amazing quality build, and very affordable.

The craftsman that made it had his own sawmill and supplied all the wood.


He only used hand tools, and brought the materials to my site in a horse drawn wagon. 

The cabin has a metal roof, durable flooring, non-vinyl windows, and two metal doors.

There is no electric on site."


Building Back Amish really would be building back better.

Smaller, less energy intensive, built to last, accessible for more people, and affordable.

Can BBB offer that? 

The minute the power goes out (and eventually the power will go out), the technocratic dream of the BBB NWO will fizzle rather than sizzle.

Meanwhile, that Amish guy keeps on building as if nothing happened.


  1. I was born in a house my father built in northern BC. One afternoon a friend of his drove into the yard of the land he had purchased to build his homestead on (he and my mother were living in a camper trailer at the time) and told Dad that someone (who had just been fired) had set the saw wrong at the mill and there was a huge pile of miscut lumber that was headed for the beehive and,if he wanted it, all he had to do was go and get it. The two of them hauled lumber all the rest of that afternoon and most of the evening. Dad used that lumber the next year to build our first house - not big, under 700 square feet - but sturdy and solid as anything you could want. Most of the interior of the house was lined with offcuts of knotty pine he scrounged from wherever he could find it. I loved that house; it was the most beautiful house in the world. The photo above brought back a flood of memories. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous5/29/2022

    Your family used skills we desperately need today. It sounds like you had a fascinating childhood.



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