May 21, 2022


I can buy a thousand different tooth brushes, but I can only vote for two main federal political parties. 

What kind of choice is that? 

What if neither choice is attractive? Then what?

Left or Right?


Green consumerism or ordinary consumerism?


Internal combustion or electric car?


Work for this boss or work for that boss?


By framing our choices they limit our choices and our freedom to live more richly and intentionally.

They go as far as to tell us there are no other choices, that what what we see now is somehow inevitable and unchangeable.

Have we forgotten that there are other choices available to us rather than the strictly limited officially sanctioned ones?

The West or The East?


Capitalism or communism?


City or suburbs?


White meat or red meat?


Beer or spirits?


Old World Order or New World Order?

How about No World Order? Is that a choice, too, and if not, why not?

The choices they give us aren't choices. They are more like threats or demands to maintain our compliance.

Going strictly with the narrow narrative on anything restricts thinking, choices, and freedom.

Choose not to choose any of their limited choices. Make your own choice.

And in closing, do we really need thousands of different makes and models of tooth brushes? 

They have this choice thing backwards. 

Important stuff = very limited choices.

Unimportant stuff = dizzying array of choices.

Both situations are paralyzing. 

Perhaps that is the result they intend.


  1. Anonymous5/21/2022

    Your blog is very insightful as are many of the comments made. I have just finished reading the blog from the beginning to now, and plan to keep on reading it when there are new posts. I also plan to go thru it again to check out more of the internet links and books recommended. I am just a beginner to voluntary simplicity, but I do long to escape my corporate job and consumer driven life. I always thought of myself as a bit of a tree hugger, but looking back now (I am 51) I realize that is not really true based on my actions. Like so many I got caught up in the idea that having "stuff" or the "next new thing/gadget" would make me happy and fulfilled. For the most part it wasn't something I was even conscious about either. It was just what other folks around me were doing (and still are doing) so it was normal. I still have a difficult time breaking away from that buying mentality, but now at least I am aware of it. I so want to be free. Free from the corporate man. Free from the buying mentality. Free from the "having to do something/go somewhere" mindset. I long to just Be, and to feel connected to nature and the creatures within it. Thank you Gregg and Linda for sharing your simple life and your insightful world view. And thanks to all the commenters who contribute. Doreen (USA - Florida)

    1. Anonymous5/22/2022

      Welcome to the Not Buying Anything Blog, and to voluntary simplicity. We agree that reader comments are awesome, including yours. Thanks for sharing. We are glad you are with us.

    2. Hello Anonymous! I did exactly the same thing when I first encountered this blog. I don't even remember just how that happened but I am so grateful it did. Coming here always feels like coming home - like sitting around a kitchen table having a cuppa with like-minded folk.

  2. Anonymous5/21/2022

    Welcome, Doreen!
    Unimportant stuff=dizzying array of choices. 100%

    This is a great post, Gregg. Thank you. -Erin

  3. Wonderful thought provoking stuff Greg.
    I'm going to have to think about this. Thanks
    Sally UK

  4. Just recently found your blog and am starting to read it; this post really resonated with me.

    1. Anonymous5/31/2022

      We are glad you found us. Welcome to the Not Buying Anything blog.

      - Gregg


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