May 19, 2022

7 New Normal Job Opportunities

A Rag and Bone Man.

Some observers think the Western lifestyle is going medieval and soon. I am a little more optimistic, figuring that future lifestyles will regress, but not that far.

Although the western empire does seem to be on the edge of collapse, instead of conditions similar to the 5th to late 15th centuries, our new normal is likely to rhyme with the 17th century, with some lines from the 18th.

Whatever things turn out like, it sure won't be The Jetsons with flying car and robot servants. Nor is the billionaire colonization of space in their phallic rides likely to happen.

Rocket Limousine Space Driver may not be a lucrative career path. 

The following job opportunities might be more realistic.

1. Rag and Bone Person (Recycler)

2. Repair Person (of anything)

3. Farmer/Market gardener

4. Rickshaw Operator

5. Ice Cutter/Storage/Delivery Person

6. Rabbit Wrangler

7. Bicycle Mechanic

If I were a young person, rather than get a paper route, I would invest in a sturdy sack or push cart and start eyeing out potential routes through which one could call out to householders along the way,

"Rags, bones, metal! Rags, bones, metal!"

One could start a new ancient career that has not been seen in these parts since Victorian England.

I know of a local recent graduate that has been investing in farmland and equipment rather than try to fund a pricey higher education. 

Doesn't that sound like fun? 

The future won't necessarily be worse than today. Some of us will find that it is better.

What job opportunities would you recommend for a young person blazing a trail into the New Normal?


  1. I foresee a market for sturdy, well-fitting clothing made from natural materials as an answer to today's fast/flash fashion. I have three sweaters purchased on a trip to Ireland that have kept me warm and cozy through almost forty Canadian winters - we've been together so long they've almost become a trademark.

    1. Anonymous5/29/2022

      Yes! Linda's sister designs and makes hemp clothing. We have been beneficiaries of her work over the years and it has all been comfortable and durable. Unlike fast fashion.



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