July 3, 2021

Plan For Today

Art by: Lisa Davis

Drink water

Make food/eat food




Be in Nature

Care for Linda

Wash my bowl


That's all

Optional: anything else.


  1. Anonymous7/04/2021

    Sounds like an excellent plan!

  2. Anonymous7/04/2021

    Thank you Gregg, my life at the moment feels like an endless treadmill of emails, tasks, impossible to do lists.
    So important to come back & remember what life is actually meant to be. Much appreciated - I am going to think on this this week.

    1. Just living is a full time job.

    2. Oh, absolutely. When you actually 'live' - carry out all the many things in the course of a day that make a life - you are busy (albeit quite a lovely busy) from morning 'til night. Just the time it takes, even living alone, to prepare real food is almost a job unto itself.

    3. Mela, I couldn't agree more. I make all our food (my husband helps) and we both work full-time. We often say "what do people with kids do?!" I think they must eat out a lot.

      I do love preparing food and knowing it keeps us healthy. I love knowing exactly what is in our food. I recall a reading from years ago: some women in India begin preparing the noon meal directly after breakfast is finished; this is a job and there is dignity and value in keeping one's family well-fed. Brilliant!

  3. Anonymous7/04/2021

    Absolutely, to 'just living is a full time job'! I do a lot of cooking at the start of the week to keep us going for a few days so first up is baking almond biscuits, then I will be roasting some pumpkins and cooking up some scrummy Greek beans and a hearty buckwheat dish. Then wash the dishes, hang out with the chickens for a while, keep the fire going, and I have a new book on the go. Possibly a bit of weeding in the veggie garden if I feel like it. No paid work this week as it's school holidays - hooray!


  4. I am ditching the outside job at the end of this month and I am so looking forward to living life to my own rhythm instead of having to dance to someone else's tune - even if it's a great tune, it ain't my tune.

    1. Anonymous7/04/2021

      Oh Mela, what brilliant news!


    2. At seventy-mumblemumble it is about time! I get so happy just thinking about it - ooooo, just got a chill up my spine.


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