July 31, 2021

On The Tip Of The Nose

Most consumer things have no value, and yet they have a great price. 

Things you can't buy usually have great value, but no price.

What we need to find can not be bought. It is not "out there" anywhere. 

We can't fly to the answer. It does not come in a box, or on wheels. No one can deliver it to our homes.

We are more likely to find what we need sitting alone in a quiet, sparse room with nothing but our thoughts.

Then no thoughts. 

Then personal change. 

Then global change.

All free.

No one that benefits from conspicuous consumerism will acknowledge this, making them a dangerous impediment to continued human evolution.

They won't sell us anything that will help us realize we don't need them. 

Those answers will be found on the tip of the nose.

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