July 26, 2021

Refurbish And Repair Old Shoes

Repaired and refurbished new old shoes live to walk another day.

Repair has always been one of my favourite R-words. 

Now I am adding refurbish to my top 3.

It means "to make clean, bright, or fresh again". 


Old boots too worn and soft for most uses. Good for gardening.

Newer boots too hard and stiff for anything other than heavy work or hikes.

Solution: get something in between for general duty use.

Next Problem: Don't want to have to buy anything, or have to go (shudder) shopping.


1) Fish old pair of light hiking shoes from back of closet. They went back there when the sole of one shoe released. 

That was... years ago? Yes, years ago.

Time is no longer flying. As I have been experiencing things over the last few years, and especially the last year, it is now rocketing.

2) Find my tube of Shoe Goo (that's really what it is called). 

Shoe Goo was invented in 1972 by a person that "was dissatisfied with the durability of the soles of his tennis shoes, and sought a method to extend their life by repairing them." 

Smart person, and thank you.

3) Take the time to refurbish and repair old shoes. 

First I cleaned up the shoes inside and out. The glue works best on clean surfaces.

This stuff is amazing for shoe repair, just don't get any on your skin - it has a nasty composition. 

4) Enjoy my new old shoes, and the fact that they did not cost me any extra money, nor require me to (shudder again) go shopping.

Problems solved.


  1. I have used Shoe Goo quite a few times to save shoes for years of wear! I love the stuff.

  2. We would not be without shoe goo. It has saved us a fortune. I even used it to add height to a heel that had lost an 1/8 th inch leather sole. Those Bass loafers were bought at value village at least 20 years ago for $8. OMG, I just googled them and they are still available for $250. They are worth it though! The uppers look as good as new on mine. Stay frugal!

    1. Amazing what one can do with a frugal mindset. That is really honouring the resources, and the Earth they came from. Saves money AND the planet. Plus it is so fun to see how far one can push the utility of one's things.

      Linda just said yesterday, "Hey, we have NEVER had a clothing budget." Not when we have footwear and clothes that are decades old, and are still useful today.

      It is the official anti-consumerism.

      Frugal forever!

  3. Yes! Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle

  4. Anonymous7/31/2021

    A little late on this post but we are big shoe goo-ing people too. And we also wear clothes that are years to decades old. Those clothes are like old friends. Once worn out they become rags and continue their usefulness. Thx! - Mary


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