July 5, 2021

Backward To Go Forward

My neighbour's fully restored 1940s farm tractor cutting hay.

Since 1961 the American ecological footprint has increased by 160%.

To what end? 

Is life 160% better? Are people 160% happier?

If that 160% increase in resource consumption hasn't made us any happier, then let us cut it out and see what happens.

It is mostly waste for the sole purpose of private profit, and much to the detriment of people and the planet.

I am imagining a situation where the people care so much about our unique and stunningly beautiful planet that they are willing to cut the waste from their lives in order to honour Earth's sacred designation as the giver and sustainer of life itself.

Like all indigenous people do. And like we all used to do not so long ago. 

We are going to have to go backward to those roots if we are to go forward with any success. 

One planet living is the goal, and it can be  done. 

Because we love this planet.

Don't we?


  1. We do! I often wonder about those who say "we love our kids and grandkids," yet they don't move on changing their lifestyles to support life and help ameliorate the harsh climate conditions their offspring will experience here on earth. I am worried about what I've termed "revenge travel" -- people who feel the pandemic was a personal jab at their retirement travel and now have made it their mission to travel and consume 'til they drop!

    1. Anonymous7/07/2021

      Hi Erin - as a retired person myself, and who has siblings who are retired and many retired friends, we are not all out there to "travel and consume 'til they (we) drop". In fact, most retired folks I know stay pretty close to home - perhaps a 100 mile radius of travel to see family or get out and about a bit. Maybe that's too far in our climate situation... I do see lots of ads on the internet urging young families to get out and travel, as well as ads for more adventure-type travel for the younger set (hiking, camping, beach resorts, etc). Sure, I'd like to travel more; I didn't travel much while working so I could do so when retired when I had more time and money. But I've set aside much of those dreams/changed my lifestyle to do my small small part to help the planet. - Mary

  2. "Like all indigenous people do." Well, not all m'dear - I am card carrying Canadian Indigenous and am known far and wide in my family as "that d*mn hippie tree hugger" - makes me strut with pride every time I hear it.


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