May 30, 2014

Angels In A Blue Bus

Our new accessible blue bus, and Linda's haiku below.

55 cubics
Not for us this summer time
The blue bus will do.

For the past few years I have been helping Linda into our truck. First by assisting her legs, and later by lifting her onto a small step. For the amount we were driving this worked for us and allowed us to do what we could with what we had.

Then, about 10 days ago we hit a roadblock. A major roadblock.

I injured my back moving things in the house, and could not lift Linda onto the step any longer. Mere days before we were to hit the road our truck became useless to us. In order to proceed we needed to sell our truck and buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

And we had less than two weeks to do get it all done. We launched into action with nary a moment of panic. Ok, maybe a bit of panic.

Our ideal scenario was that someone with a wheelchair accessible vehicle would deliver their vehicle to us, and take our truck and drive it away at the end of the transaction.

Then, we actually got our ideal scenario.

An 82 year old gentleman whose wife had MS (and passed away last year) had the perfect blue bus for us to drive to the east coast. And he was willing to drive an hour from his home for us to see it. 

When he arrived we could see that his van was perfect with a lift and raised roof. He took a peek at our truck, but made no commitment to buy it. Then he and his daughter told us to think about it, and drove an hour back home.

A couple of days later these angels drove the van back to our parking lot. We bought it, they bought our truck, and an hour later we were the owners of our first accessible vehicle, and the angels were flying back to heaven in our truck. When it was all over Linda and I could hardly believe our good fortune.

We still only have 55 cubic feet of stuff, but it should be much easier getting it into the van. And the lift will definitely be easier and safer for my spine.

We're back on track.


  1. Anonymous5/30/2014

    Holy, holy. I thought I heard angels singing. A healthy omen for your journey. You're being guided. I'd love to add, have no fear your dreams will not die - which is a bit melodramatic (when Czar Nicholas' hemophiliac son lay gravely ill Rasputin sent a messenger with a note that read, "have no fear, the little one will not die" - and he didn't), but I'm not a mystic. I am inspired by your perseverance and positive outlook - this is like a very good story.

    1. Anon,

      With the right approach the Universe always provides what is needed, when it is needed. It really pulled through for us this time.

      I like stories with happy endings.

  2. The very best to you in your travels. Things do come together! So glad this worked out so quickly.

  3. A bit of serendipity, so pleased to hear it worked out so well for all parties. Hoping your back is feeling better as well!

    1. GK,

      I am taking a few days to rest and do some rehab on myself. I have worked my way out of a back problem once and am confident that I will do so again.

      I am already feeling better now that all the tough work is done. This is the moment we have been waiting for.

      We have successfully launched ourselves out into the freedom of the open road. Now it is all go with the flow.

  4. Anonymous5/31/2014

    Wonderful that it all worked out as it did! The van seems perfect for your needs, much better than the truck would have been. I can imagine my level of panic in the same situation!

    There really are great and kind folks out there.

    1. Miss Marla,

      I am glad that we didn't find I couldn't life Linda into our truck halfway to the east coast. The way it all worked out we were still at home so had a telephone (we have never had a cell phone), comfort and security.

      The van is already very nice to have. The lift is awesome - a small hydraulic system does all the work so I don't have to do it myself.

      The world is full of awesome people, but the small percentage of bad apples get all the headlines. Life is not as sick and wretched as the headlines indicate.

      The human imperative is to love and support one another in healthy communities. We could not have completed our project without the love and support of many good people, including all of you here on NBA.

      We give many thanks for the help we have received.

  5. Your story gave me goosebumps - what serendipity! It's wonderful when little miracles come out of difficulties :)


    1. Madeleine,

      Yes. Miracles, synchronicity, and bliss. Forged in the fire of difficulty and struggle. How satisfying to persevere and rise from the ashes.

  6. Jessica5/31/2014

    I'm a great believer in the right thing happening at the right time. Sure worked for you, it's a lovely bus!

    1. Jessica,

      You and me both - life is amazing. People are essentially good.

      We love our new accessible blue bus.

  7. Anonymous6/01/2014

    Wow! Guess you'll be on your way soon! Yabba Dabba Doo! You've worked so hard for this moment! Enjoy your journey!

    Gregg, Is there a way to email you privately? Or if you can see my email address, will you email me? It is not that big a deal so no problem if you would rather keep public on your blog.

    1. Terri,

      Thank you - we are very excited to be beginning a new chapter of our lives. We are seeing everything with fresh eyes. Everything is possible.

      My email is I am very open to email conversations.

      Take care.

    2. Anonymous6/03/2014

      Your fresh eyes seeing is beaming through every post about this extraordinary passage. You have no idea how much this is inspiring me. I'm deeply grateful.

      Thanks, I'll email soon.

  8. Anonymous6/02/2014

    In my opinion life gets unnesesary complicated without a toilet, a shower, a laundry machine and a refrigeragor. And in winter it cold to live in a car if you live in the north. And what if your car breaks down?
    I share much of your sentiments but I'm a bit ancious for you :) think you are going a bit to extreme. I'm same age as you and as I've grown older I have come to apreciate comfort over adventure.... Anyway, hope this turns out the best for you.


    1. eurofarmer,

      Linda and I have lived out of a van while camping for weeks at a time, although not recently. Since we were last on the road we have come to appreciate the comforts of home as well, but our taste for adventure is winning out over the easy life.

      We do have a toilet in the van, and a camping cooler and ice for a fridge. We have a laundry soap bar and can wash clothes in a bucket. We hope to be in a house by winter, giving us 4 months of good weather.

      Break downs can always occur so we have a roadside service plan in the event of mechanical failure.

      Thank you for your concern. Rest assured that we will be fine. We are up to the challenge.

  9. what incredible good fortune! Happy that it worked out for all involved.
    ~Zoe @ my unhoardED life

    1. Zoe,

      I like the sound of "good fortune".

      We are in a zone right now, and good fortune is manifesting for us with wonderful regularity. Things are clicking and working out nicely. It is a good omen for the start of our journey.

      “One of the sanest, surest, and most generous joys of life comes from being happy over the good fortune of others.”

      - Robert A. Heinlein


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