May 10, 2014

55 Cubic Feet Of Stuff

Could you fit everything you own into this vehicle? We are going to try.

Our June 1st appointment with rubber tramping is fast approaching. As of this date we will no longer have a conventional home, and the entirety of our possessions will be in our small truck.

We have about 55 cubic feet to play with, about the size of a small closet.

In order to meet our goal successfully, we need to be ruthless in making decisions about what to keep. But we have been ruthless before.

About 10 years ago we downsized our possessions by about 50%. What was left over amounted to a small rental moving truck.

This time around we are cutting what we had left by about 95%. We have a dream of some day getting it all down to a backpack each. After that, a shoebox.

For now, though, if we can fit it all into 55 cubic feet we will be happy.


  1. Gam Kau5/11/2014

    I woud so love to have all my possessions down to one backpack. I doubt it'll happen, but at least I've gone from a fully furnished 4 bedroom to being able to fit all my things into a small garage. Small steps...

    1. Gam Kau,

      That is quite the downsize. Most people move in the other direction. I think the industry calls it "the property ladder" because they want you constantly climbing to a large home.

      I am happy to stay on the bottom of that ladder.

      Small steps are the way to go. The process Linda and I are going through has been a couple of decades in the making.

  2. Anonymous5/11/2014

    I've found that I needed to add a few things to my possessions lately. It was a tough decision, but all things I truly needed, so I no longer could get my things in a backpack.

    I'm excited and anxious for your adventure! Will you be able to keep posting?

    Best Wishes!

    1. Miss Marla,

      You definitely need some things and there is no getting around that. Even wandering sadus in India require a piece of body-covering cloth and a bowl. But their communities support them, and the weather there is much more conducive to bare bones living.

      As our place empties out our excitement (and anxiety) level increases. We do hope to continue posting from the road, and share what we find out there.

  3. Anonymous5/11/2014

    Good luck! :-)

  4. Hi Gregg,

    Oh how I love this!! I downsized about six years ago from 2010 sq. feet to a 900 sq. foot house, and now I've done it again. For the past three years I've lived in a 365 sq. ft. apartment.

    My dream is to do what you are doing. Over the weekend I started working on my real radical downsize - 4 bags of clothes and 5 boxes of books and housewares to the Goodwill (I like what you say in your previous post about giving away instead of selling). I'm doing more tonight - Just came here for inspiration.

    Much good luck with your endeavors. I get constant encouragement by reading your blog. Thanks.


  5. Anonymous5/19/2014

    Wow, 55 cubic feet! Thanks for chronically reminding that it is a process to get the stuff out of your life and small steps for sure. I find so much encouragement from your posts and the comment section of your blog. Terri


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