December 24, 2019

Reverse Santa

Reverse Santa was here.

Beware of ordinary Santa. Every year, he brings more junk into your home, whether you need it or not. Reverse Santa is different.

First of all, Reverse Santa takes things instead of giving things.

Next, Reverse Santa is a woman.This is what she says - "Oh, Oh, Oh". The reason she says that is because she can see all the clutter in our homes.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, That Crap Has Got To Go," is her motto.

Reverse Santa (some think it is Marie Kondo in a green and white suit) slides down the chimney with ease because she watches what she eats and get regular exercise.

Once in a home, she fills her empty reusable giant green sack with all the things that people own that don't actually make their lives better.

Into the green sack goes all the stuff that has to be cleaned and maintained and dusted and fixed and stored, even though you don't really want, need, or use it. 

Even so, if you are like the rest of us, you may be having a tough time letting go of those anchors. 

No problem - Reverse Santa will whisk it all away with a twitch of her nose and a twinkle of her eye.

Those boxes in the basement that haven't been opened for years? 


The garage that hasn't had a car in it since the 80s? 

Cleared, cleaned, and organized. 

When Reverse Santa pushes her bulging sack of superfluous stuff up and out of the chimney, every closet and drawer in that home will be near empty and tidy.

Aided by her minimalist magic, Reverse Santa, or Kondo Kringle as she is also known, will leave in your home only the things you consider to be beautiful and useful. 

You will be left with only the things that "speak to your heart" and "spark joy". 

After a visit from the jolly minimalist elf, what will be left will be severely downsized, but it will be enough. 

Freed from the mandatory maintenance of consumer hell, the less materialist life is different, considerably lighter, and flows easily with plenty of physical and mental breathing space.

In the days after, you will not miss anything that Reverse Santa was compassionate enough to take away. We quickly realize that we are better off without many of the trappings of a modern consumer existence.

What a true gift it is that Kondo Kringle brings - freedom from the crushing burden of the mountains of consumer crapola that take over our homes.

Welcome back to our home on Reverse Consumer Christmas, Reverse Santa. 

Only one more sleep before we see what you take away in your big green sack this year.

Thank you for relieving the burden.


  1. Just think if we all tried to live this way the economy would be stalled.

    1. Anonymous12/24/2019

      An economy built on wasteful spending is a house of cards waiting to fall anyway.

    2. Anonymous12/25/2019

      Hooray, then the planet could recover :-)


    3. We are in a bad position at this point - if we continue the way we have we are in trouble. If we right-size our economy that is 70% dependent on consumers spending like there is no tomorrow, we are in trouble.

      Either way there is going to be hardship for the human family. The band aide must be ripped off, or this sore will continue to fester. If we do nothing the consumer infection will kill the host.

  2. Anonymous12/24/2019

    I need a visit from reverse Santa! Great post! Wishing you and yours many (non-material) blessings in the upcoming year.

    1. So many of us could use a good reverse Santa visit. Linda and I are down to very few possessions, but a little minimalism magic could find more that needs to go.

      Blessings to you, too, Claire. May your new year be filled with light and love.

  3. Anonymous12/25/2019

    Dare I say that as I write this, I have a bag or two waiting to be donating to the thrift shop from our recent Christmas Eve visit at the relatives.

  4. Oh I love this. I laughed out loud and promptly read the whole thing to the man. A healthy female reverse Santa saying oh oh oh, this crap has got to go, she will move in here. She will clean out consuming for the fun of it quickly.


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