December 2, 2019

Catholics Condemn Crass Consumerism

While I think that Pope Francis is a good man, he and I disagree on many things. However, we are in agreement when it comes to consumerism. 

Here are a few things he said yesterday on the topic:

“Consumerism is a virus that attacks faith at the roots because it makes us believe that life depends only on what we have…”

“Things are not enough. Our greed grows and others become obstacles, so we end up feeling threatened, always dissatisfied and angry, raising the level of hatred. We see it today where consumerism reigns.”

“We must overcome the temptation that the meaning of life is accumulation, and resist the dazzling lights of consumption which will shine everywhere this month.”

“When we open our hearts, we gain the most precious gift that material things can never give us: peace.”

It is priceless to be neither troubled, nor afraid. That is the gift of peace, the antidote to consumerism.

Francis is right about that.

“While Santa brings an abundance of good things, Christ often condemned these things and the wealth they represent. 

- Russell W. Belk

1 comment:

  1. This is all true. Christ spent his days, caring for the poor, the afflicted, the down trodden, his life was about service. He went to the worst places and saw the poorest people. He lifted them up.


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