December 11, 2019

Nature's Dance

It has been a while since I have been in our back yard woods to unify with the life of the Cosmos. I have been missing that union. 

When the temperature rose to 12 degrees above zero, it was time to once again join the dance.

Everything is attractive in Nature's Dance. It is pure. The processes here do not create garbage or pollution. They are harmonious. Everything is in synch with everything else.

There is no wasted movement in Nature's dance as life shakes and shimmies in a celebration of diversity, cooperation, and sustainable growth. 

It is the way of the Cosmos, and since we are also it, that is our way as well. When we ignore the way, or consciously work against it, our project is sure to fail.

Here, in my back yard woods, "peace and quiet govern the world". Soothing sounds are the music of this community's orchestra. 

In the beauty, I become the dance. Moments are filled with nature-inspired songs rhythmically pulsating around me, through me, beating the membrane of every cell of my body like so many microscopic tabla.

We move as one. All there is, is the Dance.

If it is beautiful, and it is, then so are we. Or we could be, if we were more aware of the importance of yielding to the universal music, and flowing with its direction.

When we are tangential from the way of things, the results are destructive. 

To regain the melody, the beat of life, it is necessary first to honour our universal responsibility toward each other, the Earth, and the Universe.

We do this through practicing unconditional love, compassion, clear thinking and simple living. All of these have a indelible vibration that resonates with all of creation.

When we dance with them, all results are beneficial and harmonious.

Here we are. Everything we need is freely available in this abundant Universe where life is bursting everywhere we look. All there is to do is be aware of what is taking place, and spin along with everything else.

This is Nature's Dance, and it is inviting you to join. 


  1. Great photos. All that glorious moss! My hubby and I are sort of obsessed with a YouTube channel called Survival- Russia. It's this guy who has chosen to live in Siberia. He goes out on old logging trails, camps out, cooks, and digs up old war junk to sell for scrap metal. We find him quite interesting and amusing, mostly because he seems like the happiest guy in the world.

    1. The moss is definitely a highlight. When we left the mega mossy rain forest on the west coast we thought we might be leaving the amazing mosses behind. But no!

      Compared to the rest of Canada (except for west coast and southern parts of Ontario), we have a mild climate here in the Maritimes. Because of that, the forests here are unique and some kind of beautiful. There are areas of moss that I walk through in the back yard woods where my boots completely disappear into the puffy greenness.

      We bookmarked Survival Russia. That sounds like our kind of stuff, and we are very curious about the people and landscape of that beautiful (and very large) country. This blog gets many visitors from there. They could teach us a lot about living simply.

  2. Anonymous12/12/2019

    Beautiful post!

  3. Thank you everyone. My photography took on a whole new meaning when Linda could no longer hike with me. Now, taking pictures is one way I can share my adventures with her. She encourages me to share them here, because she enjoys them so much that she figures others will, too.


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