November 18, 2018

Truth Is Not Advertised

I would love to see a few billboards with quotes about truth, like those below. 

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” 

― Henry David Thoreau

“Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.” 

― Edward Abbey

“The only truth is music.” 

― Jack Kerouac

“Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.” 

― Wallace Stevens

Or how about billboards that contain truths, such as 

"Your lifestyle is killing the planet", or 

"Bicycles are still the most efficient form of transportation in the Universe", or 

"Race is a myth - there is only one race, and that is the human race", or

"We don't give a shit about the planet, we just want your money."

What if the truth were advertised? What truths would you like to see on a billboard?


  1. Haha that last one is what I tell my children *verbatim* any time we see an ad! They're pretty savvy now... Much more so than most adults I know :-/

  2. Heard this one the other day:
    Truth telling is vital.
    I really like the quotes you listed.

    1. Telling the truth is a radical activity these days. They are trying to destroy truth, because if there is no truth, then nothing matters. Like war crimes. Or cheating. Or tax evasion. Or lying. Or state-supported violence. Or the end of democracy. Or perpetuating a system that is killing people and the planet.

      That is my truth, and I will continue to tell it until they come and take me away.


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