November 26, 2018

There Is A Book For Everyone

Illustration from: eye, The International Review of Graphic Design.

At one time, not that long ago, books were only attainable by monasteries, educational institutions, and extremely rich people. Painstakingly produced by hand in 'scriptoriums', books were luxury items of the highest order. 

Today, by comparison, it's Bookapalooza. Books for everyone!

It was the invention of the printing press in the late 1430s that launched this reading and learning revolution with impacts that continue to this day.

I think it can be safely said that there is an apt book for everyone - something to think about in situations where gift giving is appropriate. 

Some say that people don't read books these days (the kind with a spine and paper pages that you hold in your hand). Sigh.

That may be true, but they are less likely to enjoy reading a book if they don't have easy access to books around them. Therefore, if you want to give a gift, consider giving a book. 

What a treasure they are, each and every one of them. Just like those of the handwritten variety were in the Dark and Middle Ages.

Note: a trip to the library to get a library card is a good gift, too. Or, if you wish to buy a book, consider a trip to a local used book store to see what you can find.

Happy reading.


  1. We give books every year. In fact the kids were required to ask for a book. Something you want, something you need, something wear, something to read, something from santa. That was it. Reduced the amount of clutter gifts.

    1. Excellent. Limits are required to counter the craziness of seasonal shopping.

  2. Yes! I love books. This may sound strange but I like to read books with a similar theme and I get “obsessed” with certain topics or authors (prison memoirs, veganism, Irish fictional literature, Jon Kabat Zinn, life on the homefront during WW2, cabin/log home life, cozy mysteries set in snowy settings) and I read everything I can get my hands on related to the theme from the library! It is so much fun to find a topic and explore it fully at my own pace. Sometimes, after reading everything I will watch a period or relevant movie at home and pop popcorn/make a cocoa to “end” my study of a topic. There are so many ideas and themes to explore out there through books!

    1. Wow, I love this idea! Self-directed study is where it's at. And isn't curiosity a wonderful thing?!

    2. Life long learning all the way. Linda and I spend a large part of every day learning new things. Has there ever been a better time for learning than now? So many opportunities that are easy, effective, and cost nothing.

      "Winter's Tale" by Mark Helprin is an amazing book that can cause an early winter if you read it too soon in the season. Best read in front of a crackling fireplace.

  3. Anonymous11/28/2018

    I recently got tears in my eyes when I entered a cafe and a woman was sitting at a table reading a book - it had been so long since I'd seen that!

    Gregg your sidebar comment about destroying culture by stopping people reading books is so true. I do believe books are making a comeback, though. There seems to be a growing wave of discontent with social media and 'virtual' life and not a moment too soon.


  4. Anonymous11/28/2018

    Nadya, I imagine you have discovered the diaries of Nella Last in your home front explorations? If not they are well worth checking out.


  5. Thank you for this suggestion! I am heading ack to the library today.

  6. I actually saw this cartoon yesterday at my local used bookstore!

    I adore my library and only buy second-hand books when I want them for reference, or love them so much I reread them regularly. Libraries are a resource, a support, a haven, and a delight. I always feel so fortunate when I leave the library with a bag of new, free books to enjoy. I think: "if everyone knew how cool this is, there would be a rush on the library!"

    And I don't have to keep them and find a place for them to live at my house, since they will soon be returned.

    And you are so right: books used to be rare and so costly. We live in a good time in history for literacy. And I am always in awe of how authors create what they do - it seems like a super-human feat to me.

    Knowledge is power. Happy reading!

    1. I am getting more powerful by the day!

      I love storing books at the library instead of on a dusty shelf at home. Books are heavy, too. I also wonder why everyone isn't taking out their limit of books from the library at all times. Free! Fantastic!


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