November 11, 2018

Consumerism Is War

"Selfie" by Joe Webb.

Consumerism is war. 

War on the environment.

War on community.

War on values.

War on each other.

War on human survival.

War causes consumption of weapons of mass delusion and destruction. 

Consumption of weapons of mass delusion and destruction causes war.

In the end, conspicuous consumption wages war on the happiness of consumers themselves. That is because it is a war on all that is good in life.

We make peace when we are dedicated to doing no harm, while reducing our consumption to a reasonable and sustainable level

Consumerism is war. 

Living better with less is an olive branch.


  1. So true. I am always asking myself? Who is going to buy all this crap? After it is bought what will we do with it? How will we dispose of it? Packaging is my new thing. I love to save money but will pay a few pennies extra for two 1/2 gallons of milk in a carton versus a gallon plastic jug. I just don't understand people sometimes. Sometimes I am one of the people I don't understand:)

  2. A much needed message this time of year. We are bombarded by advertising and societal pressure to consume more and more. I love the idea of unencumbering myself of extraneous stuff and stop the "war" on my senses.


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