November 22, 2018

Black Friday - The Great Shopocalypse

Warning. Do not venture into the marketplace. Lock your doors. Stay inside. Freeze your credit card in a container of water in the deep freeze. Check your infinite desires at the door. The biggest shopocalypse of the year is upon us.

Yes, tomorrow is that consumiest of consumer days, Black Friday. Shopping zombies will be everywhere, tearing each other limb from limb to grab the latest consumer item from the grasping hands of competing "shombies".

Good thing they are dead inside already, as such a scene is surely fatal to one's soul.

Today, however, is a nicer day in America. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is not political, nor is it religious. You don't have to buy anything, except good food to share. It is a day of being grateful for what we already have.

So happy day of thanks to all our wonderful American readers.

That isn't tomorrow's story. What a difference 24 hours can make.

Stay tuned for the alternative - Buy Nothing Day.


  1. I thought so much about my abundance yesterday. It really keeps me from being stupid today.

    1. Abundance is a good thing to recognize, and an even better thing to celebrate and be grateful for, each and every day. Stupid happens, but we can do things to avoid falling into it too often.

  2. Anonymous11/25/2018

    I am genuinely puzzled by shopping frenzies...I stayed home and baked a cake, cooked up a roasted cauliflower curry and pottered in the garden. No 'plastic' needed.


    1. I love the sound of your day. Shopping frenzies? No thanks.


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