April 23, 2014

Travelin' Light

Travelling light is the only way to go.

As Linda and I continue to downsize from a small apartment to a small truck, we like to listen to motivational music to help carry us through this transition.

So as we go about our business of unburdening ourselves in preparation for travelling light, we like to enjoy a tune by one of our favourite artists, J. J. Cale.

Travelin' Light by J. J. Cale

Travelin' light, is the only way to fly
Travelin' light, just you and I
One-way ticket to ecstasy
Way on down, follow me
Travelin' light, is the only way to fly

Travelin' light, we can go beyond
Travelin' light, we can catch the wind
Travelin' light, let your mind pretend
We can go to paradise
Maybe once, maybe twice
Travelin' light, is the only way to fly

Ah, yes. De-cluttering, dancing, and looking forward to a bit of traveling light ecstasy.

You can enjoy this load-lightening tune here


  1. Anonymous4/23/2014

    (Can't wait to check out the song) It has to be exciting and a bit daunting now that your really getting down to business!

    1. Anonymous4/24/2014

      Heard there was an earthquake out your way. Hope all is well.

    2. Miss Marla,

      You are right - our place is getting emptier (and nicer) all the time. I am wondering why we didn't get rid of lots of things sooner. We formulated the plan to get rid of most everything years ago, and now it is coming to fruition, so it is quite exciting… and scary.

      More scary by far are the earthquakes. There was a pretty big one a few hundred km north west of us. We have felt smaller quakes recently, but we did not feel the one up there today. We just want to get out of here before the Big One hits.

  2. Anonymous4/24/2014

    Have you and your wife read The Wahl's Protocol? It seems a woman doctor ditched medicine (that was not working) and switched to a modified paleo diet plus vitamins and minerals to combat her MS. She had been wheelchair bound for quite a long time and was also able get out of it and ride a bike for the first time in 10 years. I have not personally read the book, but the article sounded interesting and I believe in trying EVERYTHING. Good luck on your journey.

    1. Anon,

      We have looked at Dr. Wahl's program, and have implemented some her recommendations. She is doing good work looking at alternatives to pharmaceuticals (which all come with adverse side effects... like death).

      Linda had treatment for CCSVI in 2011. She has seen major improvements since then that continue to this day.

      Thank you for your consideration. It is really, really important to look at everything as the conventional medical establishment has very little to offer that doesn't come with major expense and/or minimal effectiveness.

  3. Anonymous4/27/2014

    JJ Cale is one of my all time greatest singer songwriters. Have seen him in concert. He will be greatly missed, I grieved long when he passed. I have all his albums including "Troubadour" with "Travelin' Light." I saw Eric Clapton in concert when he first released "Reptile" in 2001. I love that song and glad you mention it, I'm listening to it now......you probably know that JJ and Eric did a duo album, "The Road to Escondido" in 2006...its stellar too.

    Good music can really pump you up especially when you relate to the lyrist and feel the beat. Travelin' Light is a GREAT song! JJ Cale lived a low key life...very laid back guy, but clearly subtlely rebellious like I am. He gets me moving...check out "Call Me the Breeze."

    Gosh I'm full of quotes today, what about the line from "Me and Bobby McGee," "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." That line comes to mind every time I am scaling down things! Janis Joplin sings that line from the gut.

    1. Terri,

      Lynyrd Skynyrd introduced me to many JJ Cale tunes, and "Call Me the Breeze" is one of my favourites.

      Music has been a major thing for both Linda and I, one of those shared interests that has brought us togethers since the beginning.

    2. Terri,

      I just read your comment again - you saw JJ Cale in concert? Sweet. He was an awesome musician that maintained his integrity to the end. You are fortunate to have shared his company for a short while.

  4. Anonymous4/27/2014

    Gegg and Linda, thanks for sharing your journey. Today's project here is going through some more piles of stuff and scaling way down again. It is such a long process when I'm a natural collector of things that document memories. Hearing about what you guys are doing motivates me.

    I too thought about you guys when I heard about the earthquakes. Glad you are safe....and leaving the earthquake zone. I am a geologist, the earth is going to quake and mud is going to slide off the side of mountains, some places are safer to live than others.

    Also delighted to hear that you and Linda pursue avenues (plural) for help with MS. I use a lot of different modalities for ailments and troubles. I find if one thing helps 10%, something else helps 30%, something else helps 25% and all are compatible, complimentary treatments, then I am 10% + 30% + 25% = 65% better off. I often find it is not traditional medicine that gets me the most percentage because of the dreadful side effects as you mention. Yet sometimes it is a traditional medication or treatment that helps some too....(mostly not though). But if that helps and I can live with side effects, then I incorporate that too. I don't have MS, but I do have some things that are challenging to manage and get relief from. It sounds like you and Linda are very proactive and on top of it. It sounds like you know what works the best and are open to possibilities. I wish both of you the very best.

    1. Terri,

      I like your math.

      At this point we are down to the nitty gritty of possessions. The oldest is probably a collection of photos Linda has of her dad in 1946.

      I have things from my teens, including a solid wood chess table and ceramic pieces that I made with my own two hands in high school. I think I will donate it to our local public library.

      Our mantra has been, "Let it go, let it go, let it go." Or as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sagely sang, "Give it away, give it away, give it away now".

      Thanks for the positive energy.

    2. Anonymous5/05/2014

      Can't be much help on photos, I have one heck of a time letting go of those. Many reasons for that. Also would be hard to let go of things I made, especially if I was young when I made them. So I am no help here! It does help to have a personal place or someone in particular to give things too. I know you know this. (For instance, I gave a beloved "Eat A Peach" record album to my son-in-law for his birthday last year for instance. He framed it and loves it, meant more to him that it came from my personal collection too.) There are some museum-type places that might be interested in Linda's photos I would think. I see old photos used a lot of places now, especially in documentaries. I'm thinking of some of the Ken Burns documentary series. He uses a lot of photos or common people doing common things...not saying Linda's dad was 'common' as I have no idea what is going on in the photos. So if she decides to let them go...there may be some place who would love to have them. She might have to mail them somewhere.
      I grieved terribly when JJ passed last year..... A few days ago, I heard that Eric Clapton is hosting a tribute to him. There is a website "Tribute to JJ Cale" about it. I went there but didn't have time to read it much. He was a great human being, a tremendously talented singer songwriter. I have just about all his cds and have the record album "Naturally." Yes, the concert was stellar. (~2004 in Charlotte NC)

    3. Terri,

      The photos are from when Linda's dad was in the navy. She is going to contact the naval museum, so thanks for your excellent suggestion.

      Linda remembers having a "Eat A Peach" T-shirt that she really loved.


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